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Blast is running an Adeptus Evangelion game. Now it has a wiki page.

Rule 1: deal with it.
All parties that object to any of the previous rules are highly encouraged to deal with it.
Notify Blast if you want to abuse some of the shit in these
The game's theme tune. No, seriously.


#blastgame and #blastic on

4pm EST Mondays and Wednesdays. Maybe more often. Run as many minis as you want, with Blast's permission.


Blast, the GM, playing everyone else (That is to say anime stereotypes and troll characters). He is terrible and doesn't really give a shit, except when he does. Deal with it.

R_Blade, playing Christina_Girardin, the socialist nun operations director.

Dagoth, playing Josephine Fournier. As a manufactured ATT she is full of REDACTED. Trained for PR but otherwise has little personality of her own. Gets by in society by mimicking people. Pilot of Unit 01. Wants to learn about this human emotion called "love".

Thinik as Seraphine-Francoise de Savigny, pilot of Unit 03 and awesome swordfighter.

Earthflame as Morveren Killigrew, cornish drunk with an annoying accent. She pilots Unit 04, and is probably some kind of crazy pirate or something.

ClamPaste as Sophie Audette, Morv's obligatory childhood friend, and a co-pilot until Unit 05 is ready.

Yue, playing Mira Severn, quirky dorky Skirmisher that has ABSOLUTELY NO DEEP HIDDEN MYSTERIOUS PAST SECRETS AT ALL. Unit 06 isn't built yet, so until it is she's a co-pilot.

Macrophage, playing Rajesh Chandrasekhar, the Prodigy Champion pilot of Unit 00. He is a real-life Indian from India, and is a super robot pilot that does not realize he's in Evangelion.


Session 1:
Session 2:

Session 3: