Garagrim Ironfist

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Garagrim Ironfist is a special character for the Dwarf army in Warhammer Fantasy 6th edition. He is the son of Ungrim Ironfist, who is the Slayer King of Karak Kadrin, cursed to be forever torn between the oath of the Dwarven King to protect and defend his people, and the oath of the Dwarven Slayer to seek a glorious death in battle to redeem his fallen honor. Garagrim managed to find a loophole; using an ancient dwarven title that hasn't been seen in centuries, the War-Mourner, he became the personal champion of his father, and thusly their honor was one - so, if Garagrim got killed heroically, then Ungrim would have completed his Slayer Oath without having to die in the process.

Come the Storm of Chaos, and Garagrim set out to lead the Slayers of Karak Kadrin to attain his goal, and found a heroic death against a mighty Chaos Giant... which is when his grieving father decided to swear an entirely new Slayer Oath, thus rendering Garagrim's death pointless. Way to go, pops!

In 7th/8th edition, Garagrim was basically retconned out of the game by saying he had died (and Ungrim wasted his sacrifice), but removing the specifics of Storm of Chaos.


Garagrim Ironfist, the War-Mourner of Karak Kadrin, may be taken as a Lord choice in either a 6e Dwarfs army or a Slayers of Karak Kadrin army. In a Dwarf Army, he cannot be the General; in a Slayers Army, he must be the General, unless Ungrim Ironfist is also present.

Stats: Movement 3, Weapon Skill 6, Ballistic Skill 3, Strength 4, Toughness 5, Woudns 3, Initiative 3, Attacks 4 (5 due to dual weapons), Leadership 10

Points: 305

Gear: Garagrim wields the Axes of Kadrin, twin rune-axes chained to his wrists. They are inscribed with a Grudge Rune and the Master Rune of Skalf Blackhammer. When charging, Garagrim may spin his axes around, gaining the benefits of the Slayer Doomseeker's Whirlwind of Death rule - in subsequent rounds of combat, he reverts to his normal weapon attacks. He also has the Slayer Skills Beastslayer (wounds he inflicts count double towards that round's Combat Resolution), Deathblow (when killed, Garagrim immediately makes his full array of attacks before being removed, even if he already attacked this round) and Vampireslayer (unsaved wounds against Toughness 5+ enemies become d6 wounds).

Special Rules:

  • Slayer
  • The War-Mourner: Giant Slayers (Slayer Unit Champions) in an army led by Garagrim may take Rune Weapons worth up to 25 points.