Garl Glittergold

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Garl Glittergold
Garl Symbol.jpg
Aliases The Joker, the Priceless Wit, the Sparkling Wit, the Watchful Protector
Alignment Lawful Good/Neutral Good
Divine Rank Greater God
Pantheon Lords of the Golden Hills (Gnome)
Portfolio Gnomes, Humor, Trickery, Gems, Protection
Domains 5E: Trickery
Home Plane Golden Hills (Bytopia)
Worshippers Gnomes
Favoured Weapon Arumdina (Battleaxe)
The most british of gnomes.

Garl Glittergold is a Gnome deity. He famously destroyed the kobolds' first city almost destroying the entire kobold race trapping the Kobold God within a Maze he can never escape. When questioned by the other gods he said it was for the lols. The other gods accepted this and ever since the kobolds have been pissed at Gnomes.

A filthy thieving, conniving bastard. That is, if you believe Kurtulmak. Or just a really funny guy, if you believe literally anyone else.

Garal Glitterlode[edit]

Garal Glitterlode
A glittering, faceted gem
Aliases Garl Glittergold
Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Temporal Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Matter)
Portfolio Gnomes, Kogolor dwarves, crafts
Domains Chaos, Matter, Good, Craft
Worshippers Gnomes, Kogolor
Favoured Weapon Gnomish pike-hammer

In Mystara Garl Glittergold is an alias for Garal Glitterlode, the Immortal patron of gnomes and Kogolor dwarves.


Garal was once a Kogolor dwarf, who achieved Immortality in the Sphere of Matter through his deeds and sponsorship from Kagyar. When the Great Rain of Fire destroyed Blackmoor, he decided to leave his own mark on the world by making his own race. He made them like the dwarves he belonged to, but smaller and with an ability to easily adapt to different enviroments, creating the first gnomes.


Garal appears as a merry, short, and crafty being with the build of a dwarf but with the features of a gnome. He often dresses in various coroful and bright clothes.


Garal is a creative artist at heart, which is why Kagyar decided to sponsor him, who admires artists and artisans. He's fond of gnomes and dwarves both. His only ally is his sponsor Kagyar, and his main enemy is Ranivorus, as gnomes and gnolls don't get along.