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The Gatewatch is a team of Planeswalkers that was first formed during the Battle for Zendikar. Their goal is to stop interplanar threats (which typically means other Planeswalkers, but can apply to other things such as Eldrazi). They received some hostility by the Magic: The Gathering fanbase at least in part because they received so much focus, at the expense of seeing what other characters are up to (which Wizards of the Coast has noticed and decided to tone down the focus on the Gatewatch).


Former members and allies[edit]

  • Kiora
  • Nissa Revane is a founding member, but got pissy at Liliana for fleeing Bolas, and then left when the Gatewatch went to kill yet another of Liliana's pact demons instead of tackling multiverse threats.
  • Tamiyo
  • Vraska started out as an enemy, but after the events on Ixalan she agreed on becoming a manchurian agent for the Gatewatch.
  • Liliana Vess was forced into leaving the Gatewatch by Nicol Bolas, though she went unwillingly.


This is a cycle of cards that goes spans not only sets, but worlds. Whenever a character joins the Gatewatch, that set gets an Oath of [new member] card. Each oath is a rare legendary enchantment that has 2 abilities. The first one is an ETB and you don't really need a planeswalker for it. The second ability is an ability that interacts favorably with you having a Planeswalker ("have" in this case doesn't necessarily mean "control" in this case, e.g. Oath of Ajani makes walkers cheaper), and does stone cold nothing if you don't have a Planeswalker.

Planeswalkers of Magic: The Gathering
Original Five: Ajani Goldmane - Chandra Nalaar
Garruk Wildspeaker - Jace Beleren - Liliana Vess
Alara: Elspeth Tirel - Nicol Bolas - Sarkhan Vol - Tezzeret
Zendikar: Gideon Jura - Nissa Revane - Sorin Markov
Scars of Mirrodin: Karn - Koth of the Hammer - Venser
Innistrad: Tamiyo - Tibalt
Return to Ravnica: Domri Rade - Ral Zarek - Vraska
Theros: Ashiok - Kiora - Xenagos
Tarkir: Ugin - Narset
Kaladesh: Dovin Baan - Saheeli Rai
Amonkhet: Samut
Other: Dack Fayden - Vivien Reid - kaya
Commander 2014: Daretti - Freyalise - Nahiri - Ob Nixilis - Teferi
Pre-mending: Bo Levar - Commodore Guff - Jaya Ballard - Urza
Planeswalker Groups: The Gatewatch