Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch

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The Gaunt Summoner

Dwelling in the Silver Towers in the Realm of Chaos are the 9 Gaunt Summoners of Tzeentch. Daemon sorcerers of immense power shown favour by Tzeentch (which can either be good or bad depending on perspective).

There can only be 9 of these sorcerers at one time due to ...something (its not specified anywhere). They are implied in the fluff to be immensely powerful, although not powerful enough as they are all enslaved by Archaon.


The Gaunt summoners are elite sorcerers under the control of Tzeentch Archaon Both if Archaon is feeling generous(Although Be'lakor managed to get a Silver tower to help him out so who knows). Shrouded in mystery and deceit, little is known about them. Under Archaons command they were a force to be reckoned with in the Age of Chaos as they summoned some catastrophic magic like, giant faces that breathed mutating fire or made the rulers of a land hear negotiations as some of the most personal and deep cutting insults, causing them to kill each other in sheer force of butthurt[1].

They are said to be chosen by Kairos Fateweaver, but like most things about the Gaunt Summoners it is difficult to tell what is true. Archaon uses them as weapons with their ability to summon Daemons and use some brutal fire attacks. The other purpose they serve for him is as scryers looking into the future as far as their gifts permit so that Archaons plans are twisted into the web of fates. Also while Archaon was chaining each to his will he would take one of their senses away.

Assumedly they had some involvement in the events of Broken Realms: Be'lakor as there was a Silver tower involved in a fight with Seraphon Temple ships.

Known Gaunt Summoners[edit]

Set'tyra'ex in all his tongueless glory
  • Xer'ger'ael – The Tyrant of Eyes
Xer’ger’ael is famed for his obsession with as his name suggests, eyes he tends to like the taste of fear and takes his victims eyes and uses them to decorate his tower. This is because Archaon took his favourite pair of eyes out of his head and now has an obsession.
In the short story; Under Chaos-tainted Skies he was the sorcerer that opened a portal to the Realm of Chaos in what is implied to be the realm of Chamon in a place called Palladhor. During this battle he was nearly stopped by a Slann under the name of Laumqa, only saved by Archaon getting too close, causing the Slann to respond and giving Xer’ger’ael enough time to finish the ritual. Opening the gate and letting daemons pour in.[2]
  • Set'tyra'ex – The Tongueless Lord
Set’tyra’ex is a Guant summoner that had his ability to speak taken away by Archaon, as his thematic indicates he torments his victims by taking away their ability to vocalise anything. Archaon uses Set’tyra’ex’s power on his own men, if they start to annoy him. Turning them into a Chaos Spawn …shit -BLAROGFIJDUINNWINMIUJ Should they further displease him.[3]
  • Thief of Wits
Can eat thoughts and devour sanity. Has spider-like fingers.
  • Given the trend, one can assume the other Gaunt Summoners are missing their ears, noses, skin, and then... pain receptors? Fashion sense? Penises?
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