Geminae Superia

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AKA Celestine's personal posse. Twins they were.

"Yo dawg! We heard you like Living Saints, so we put a Saint in your Saint so you can faith while you faith!"

The Geminae Superia are the twin guardians that accompany the Living Saint Saint Celestine. They act as body guards and often support the big angels of the Emprah as giant meat butchers. It is unknown whether the Geminae Superia are a special character or a really unique unit for the now buffed Sisters of Battle that can work with other Living Saints.

Previously known as Eleanor and Genevieve, they were both Canonesses of the Order of Our Martyred Lady, they were both killed by the Daemon Prince Urkanthos during the battle for Cadia in the 13th Black Crusade. Due to their brazen balls ovaries and faith in trying to mano-a-mano with a god-damned Daemon Prince, both were resurrected as Living Saints by Saint Celestine upon her arrival to Cadia and they now serve as her champions.

Yep, you heard us, the Sisters now have a Living Saint being protected by even MOAR Living Saints. Although to be honest, they look like Seraphim more then anything else.

While not in battle they can be found cavorting in Tankred's dreams.


Germinae Superia can be summed up in one word. IRRITATING. Why you ask? Because they just so happen to act as Saint Celestine's personal bouncers that can direct all attacks on Celestine to themselves while also capable of reviving when down.

The Superia are jump pack infantry Characters with Power Swords and Bolt pistols, and a 3+/4++. Geminaes have the Divine Guardian rule. Which means that this gives them a 4+ Invuln, and whilst any of them are alive all wounds against Celestine are resolved against the closest Geminae instead. So you can continue trolling the forces of Chaos as you turn your mini-angels into a flying meatshield. They also have Healing Tears which at the start of each of your turns, set up a single slain Geminae anywhere within 2″ of Celestine. Meaning that now you have to face against THREE units capable of reviving themselves. Fucking Bullshit.

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