Gendwar Argrim

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Gendwar Argrim
Waraxe bearing the dwarven rune for destruction
Aliases The Doomed Dwarf
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Divine Rank Hero-God
Pantheon Morndinsamman (Dwarf), Oerth
Portfolio Fatalism, Obsession
Domains Destruction, Law, War
Worshippers Dwarven warriors
Favoured Weapon Forgotten Hope (Dwarven waraxe)

Gendwar Argrim is the closest D&D equivalent of a monodominant, dwarven inquisitor; or a Slayer. He's the Oerthian hero-god of fatalism and obsession, hell-bent on destroying enemies of Dwarfkind.


Gendwar was once an apprentice silversmith, and during this time he left his home to a faraway land to further his craft. During this time, his clan was destroyed by an invasion of giants and orcs, only hearing about it a year later. Upon hearing the news, he quit his job and swore to have no wife or wealth, until all the enemies of dwarvenkind were slain. He fully expected to die during his quest, but managed to gain the support of Clangeddin Silverbeard, who raised him to godhood after Gendwar slew a divinely-descended fire giant and her minions.


The only hope the dwarven race has to survive is if its enemies are utterly destroyed. Focus on their destruction. They breed faster than the True Folk and spawn ten times our numbers within one dwarven generation. Honor, glory, wealth, and love are all meaningless and trivial while the future of the dwarves is at stake. Focus on their salvation. Commit yourself to the task of destroying the enemies of the dwarves, and expect to die in battle, but make your death cost a thousand enemies their own. If the dwarves survive only in song and legend, ours will be an empty legacy.