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The Genestealer Cults are finally a fully-fledged army again! To celebrate their resurgence we've created these tables below. You can use them to create your very own Genestealer Cult!

Happy insurrection!

Cult's Planet of Origin[edit]

Where did the Cult Originate? (d100)
1-25: Hive World This cult's seed was planted in the midst of a massive urban sprawl, providing all the nooks and crannies needed to spread its influence. These Cults are characterised by their sheer numbers
26-40: Forge World Heavy industry, mining, and more than a bit of tech heresy, Cults that develop within Forge Worlds have a natural predilection for heavy machinery of all kinds
41-55: Agri-world Everyone and their mums are part of a Cult round 'ere! For example: farmers. Farmers' mums. Try converting Goliath trucks out of tractors and backhoes.
56-60: Civilized World The rich elite call this planet home, always looking for a new thrill makes them perfect targets for the Cult's perversion. Cults from these worlds often have better and more sophisticated equipment as a result of the vast funds they gain access to.
61-70: Imperial Guard Tithe World The only thing this planet provides to the Imperium is warm bodies, which Cults are more than happy to re-appropriate. These Cults often have large amounts of Brood Brothers and other war materiel typically found supporting the ranks of the Imperial Guard.
71-80: Shrine World In a cruel irony, this Cult has taken hold within the very heart of the Imperial Faith. Maybe the planet worships a particular 4-armed aspect of the Emperor? In any case, Cults from these planets often have a higher preponderance of Magi and other influential individuals.
81-90: Death World Living on a death world can push the desperate to seek aid and succor from someone closer to home than Him on Earth. Flourishing under the harshest conditions imaginable, these Cults have some of the most disciplined troops.
91-96: Ork-held Planet Dese purpley gits ain't got nuffin' on us Boyz! Dey do have some right propa gubbinz though, an' sparkly bits...
97-99: Tau-held Planet Cults on these planets must grow even more slowly than usual, however when they finally erupt in glorious revolution the firepower they bring is truly frightening.
100: Eldar Craftworld The rarest of all Cults develop over the course of millenia aboard Eldar Craftworlds, though this is no guarantee of eventual success. Most are destroyed well before they emerge as a genuine threat. Those few Cults that do succeed are characterised by their extremely developed Psychic ability.

Terrain of the Origin Planet[edit]

Origin Planet Terrain (d100)
1-25: Urban Street gangs, vagrants, and urchins are the first to fall to this Cult's influence.
26-50: Jungle How do you eradicate a force that can fade into the shadows of the canopy above?
51-60: Desert The Cult probably got its start hoarding moisture accumulators and power converters. Eating womp rats, too.
61-70: Underground Some cataclysm on the surface forced the population into tunnels beneath the ground. The tight confines are the perfect place for the Cult to develop.
71-80: Wasteland Scavenging is a must on these desolate, barren plains. The Cult has learned this skill with aplomb, converting their already rugged vehicles to deal with the relentless dust.
81-90: Ice Fighting a Cult that has grown and developed in this kind of terrain is likely to leave you...cold. Bonus points for having your Patriarch speak like Mr. Freeze.
91-100: Space Station/Satellite A huge space-based metropolis orbiting a planet, or a botanical garden encased within a sphere perhaps. The Cult is experienced conducting combat in low-grav environments and traversing the void.

The Cult's Combat Specialisation[edit]

Specialisation (d10)
1: Striking from the shadows
2: Swarming the enemy
3: Armoured assault (with improvised vehicles if necessary)
4: Shock and Awe
5: Sabotage and Subterfuge
6: Urban combat
7: Ranged combat
8: Close-quarters fighting
9: Assassination/Cutting the head off the snake
10: Iron Discipline/Unshakeable Faith in the Patriarch

Access to Technology[edit]

Level of Tech Available (d100)
1-20: Barely anything more complicated than simple melee weapons, maybe some improvised/cobbled together weaponry from discarded and scavenged machinery.
21-50: Makeshift weaponry, hunting tools, and repurposed industrial equipment. Very little that was originally intended for a combat purpose beyond simple autoguns.
51-75: Actual weaponry, though not particularly advanced. Akin to that used by local law enforcement groups such as Arbites, probably stolen or bought from them, including light body armour.
76-95: Military-grade weaponry, vehicles, and sophisticated scanning equipment.
96-100: High-end military materiel, including some still in the prototype phase. This includes some WMDs and/or planet-threatening weaponry.

Cult's Greatest Hero[edit]

Cult's Greatest Hero (d100)
1-20: Magus
21-40: Primus
41-60: Patriarch
61-70: Alphus
71-90: Biophagus/Kelemorph/Clamavus/Locus/Nexos/Sanctus- roll a d6 to determine which.
91-95: Jackal
96-99: Vehicle operator
100: Neophyte/Acolyte

What are/were they famous for? (d10)
1-2: Killed a powerful enemy of the cult in a duel
3-4: Commanded an army/force to victory
5: Completed an important subterfuge mission
6: Saved many of their comrades from discovery or death
7: Left on a noble voyage to find the rightful gods and bring them home, will return during the cults time of greatest need.
8: Marked by the gods- this character has received a holy mutation that marks them as a figure of significance and is looked up to as a result.
9: Did something barely noteworthy that has been inflated by the leadership for propaganda purposes
10: Totally fictional character- deeds are many, varied, and more mythological than realistic.

Sphere of Influence[edit]

Sphere of Influence (d10)
1-2: Almost insignificant, barely a blip on anyone's radar.
3-4: Small, a thorn in the population's side, they have not yet ascertained the true nature of the threat.
5-7: Medium, a legitimate threat, though possibly not the most pressing on the planet depending on other factors.
8-9: Large, the planet is in dire straits.
10: Enormous, the planet has for all intents and purposes been entirely taken over by the Cult, all the Cult has to do now is await their gribbly Deliverance...

Likelihood of Tyranid arrival[edit]

Likelihood of Tyranid arrival (d6)
1: Almost impossible- This cult is nested deep within imperial space (perhaps on Terra itself), or otherwise somewhere out-of-reach.
2: Unlikely- While it would take a massive invasion from a hive-fleet, it is still possible for the cults to meet their masters in the forseeable future.
3: Possible- Tyranid fleets are in the region of this cult, and will reach them if they are victorious over their enemies in the region- although this is by no means a certainty.
4: Likely- They're coming, and only a scant few forces stand between a hive-fleet and this cults home-planet. Victory against the Tyranids is yet possible, but it would take a miracle.
5: Almost Certain (distant). While the closest Hive-Fleet will almost certainly arrive to 'liberate' the planet, there is still some time. Roll a d10 to determine how many centuries it will take- roughly- for them to arrive.
6: Almost Certain (imminent). It's only a matter of time until the great ones arrive. Rejoice! The gods' arrival is imminent. They will arrive in less than a century- roll a d10 to determine how many decades it will take for them to arrive.

The Cult's Main Enemy[edit]

Nemesis (d100)
1-30: Local church or religious group. The priests or clergy in this group suspect heresy but have little evidence to back it up, save a definite feeling of dread and unease.
31-50: Local Medicae Facility or Hospital. One too many visits by a member of the Cult has led to these medical professionals noticing physical oddities, like strangely coloured skin and brow ridges, leading to them becoming highly suspicious.
51-60: Local Gang or Mob of importance The gang believes the Cult to be just another group of weirdos stepping on their turf. They'll be proven wrong, when the time is right.
61-70: Local law enforcement agencies/Arbites Although most of your flock have been the epitome of the perfect labourer, there's just something subtly wrong with the way they behave. The local police have noticed and are watching closely...
71-90: Significant Noble/Politician/Public Figure A failed attempt at bringing this individual under the thrall of the Cult has led them to become incredibly paranoid of the Cult and its motives.
91-95: Another Cult, roll a d6: 1-2 Chaos Cult, 3-4 Bizarre offshoot of the Imperial Faith, 5 Death Cult/Cult of Ynnead if on Craftworld, 6 Genestealer Cult spawned by a different Hive Fleet
96-100: No single enemy. Either because you've eliminated the competition or the Cult is not yet big enough to have drawn attention.

Chance of Detection[edit]

Roll a d100 - this is the percentage chance of the Cult being detected within the next 10 years.

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