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Nothing says a more welcoming figure than a shadowy dude in a purple cloak carrying xenos iconography, complete with clearly inhuman stinger poking out of the bottom.

A Genestealer Locus is a mysterious, austere character that serves as bodyguard to their gene-sect’s Magus or other senior cult leaders. This is due to their natural Tyranid powers of agility and stealth much like a Lictor, capable of even matching a Eldar Exarch in combat prowess.

They are poised to strike at a moment’s notice should any threat to their master reveal itself, their actions so sudden and swift that their intended target often has little or no warning as to the Locus’ intervention – usually with terminal consequences.

When not serving as guards, a Locus acts as his Magus' eyes, ears, and blades. The presence of a Locus is also able to expand the psychic influence and range of their Magus.

The Locus use two swords for more dangerous opponents. For your average unarmed Joe however, he would most likely use that walking cane of his as a giant beating stick. That walking cane could also offer a different function. As these canes are a rod of office that is no simple staff but instead a complex neurological transmitter crafted for them by their Magus and Clamavus. It sends out destabilizing frequencies designed to upset synapses and thought waves. When a Magus goes to "negotiate" with a particular powerful enemy such as a Cardinal or Inquisitor that cannot simply be charmed into submission, the Locus' accompanying it will send out waves of mental disruption that induces brain-spasms, migraines, and harrowing visions in its victims.

Must be pretty damned difficult fighting in close quarters whilst wearing a very thick robe, but than again, nobody really questions the Dark Angels on their choice of war attire. Nevertheless, because they are bodyguards of high ranking Genestealer leaders, they have to go out in public when a Magus comes out to spread the word. So the robes provide something like the trench coats from TMNT, being large enough to conceal the less-than-Human qualifications such as the extra hidden limbs tucked away into their robes as well as long segmented tails tipped with a toxic stinger.

They also have their own version of Purity Seals, which is hilarious in all its Genestealer glory.

The Rules[edit]

The Locus on tabletop is a pretty great addition to your Genestealer army thanks to their upgraded Unquestioning Loyalty ability. It will allow them to intercept wounds on nearby Characters on a +2 vs a +4 like the rest of the army. On top of that this unit can also Heroic Intervention up to 6″ away.

Oh, and naturally they have some extra abilities to keep them alive and killing in close combat such as the Quicksilver Dodge which is essentially bullet time for Genestealers (Just don't ask how you can bullet dodge something in a thick, heavy and restrictive cloak); this translates to have a 5+ invulnerable save not because the Locus if tough or anything, but because nobody can hit this bastard. The other unique ability is Quicksilver Strike which means that the Locus always strike first in the Fight Phase, even if it did not charge.

In a nutshell, this guy hits fast and always hits first. A pretty intimidating opponent for assault-orientated units. Just watch out for Foul Blightspawns.

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