George R. R. Martin

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I like you, I'll kill you last.

A high level neckbeard who prestige classed in fantasy author and created the much loved (and hated, and loved-to-be-hated) A Song of Ice and Fire series. Like most full time authors, he actually has a massive body of other work that you've neither heard of nor give a shit about. Is an avid tabletop player, making him somewhat /tg/ related. Regarded as the American Tolkien. He might have a little self-esteem issues considering how often he mentions the works of the aforementioned author, analyzing them to ad nauseam, repeating how his works are different.

Recently, has been criticized for losing his narrative pacing and creating 31 view point characters, most of whom are boring as fuck and don't do much. Primarily, some argue that the series has been going on for like more than a decade and we're not even near to the beginning of the resolution. Also likes to kill off characters in horrific and brutal ways, such as getting massacred at your own wedding, or SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS assholes who really deserve it like Joffrey Baratheon or Gregor Clegane (though Ramsay Bolton is alive and well and Rorge; a murderous marauding pedophile rapist, got a quick and clean death). The morally black or morally white characters come to bad ends in the series; the morally gray and smart ones, such as Bronn and Littlefinger, prosper.

Nonetheless, promises that The Winds of Winter will pick things up a bit.

Much like Darius Hinks, he too has an awesome beard. also he is notorius for killing off characters people liked for the lolz.