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A gnarled oak branch, burning at one end
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank God
Pantheon Amaranthine
Portfolio Knowledge, Insight, Inspiration, Fire, Chaos, Innovation, Progress, Creativity
Domains Knowledge, Forge
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Scholars, Mages, Artisans, Craftspeople, Blacksmiths
Favoured Weapon Quarterstaff

Gesme the Brilliant is one of the five Amaranthine associated with the Birdfolk races of the Humblewood setting for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

Patron goddess of the Corvum, Gesme is an enigmatic figure; elemental goddess-spirit of fire, she embodies the aspects of creation, inspiration, and destruction. She is the living principle that delving into the unknown requires the courage to be burned, having earned her immortality by stealing fire from the sun of Ardea and bringing it back to the mortal races of Humblewood, an act the wisdom of which is still debated amongst her fellow deities. In the process, her feathers were scorched black by her proximity to the blazing oaken staff she still carries to light the way for scholars today, and the corvum believe their own black plumage symbolizes their connection to her.

Gesme teaches that chaos and innovation are part of a great cycle. Each discovery spawns a new mystery, which leads to further discovery in a never-ending loop, in which the old becomes fodder for the new. She is a symbol of all that birdfolk can achieve if they dare to push boundaries and harness their creativity.

First among her followers are those who study the arcane arts or experiment with magical forces, such as scholars and mages. She is also revered by artisans, and craftspeople of every kind. Blacksmiths in particular understand the danger and power of working directly with flames and pay her special reverence. Her followers pray to her for the spark of creativity that will ignite the fires of creation.


Birdfolk artwork depicts Gesme as a female raven wreathed in flames and with burning eyes, clutching a partially lit staff of oak.


Learn, create, and discover. Sometimes the old ways must burn to make way for the new

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