/tg/ gets shit done

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/tg/ gets shit done.

Other boards talk about projects but never finish them.

/tg/? Oh no. /tg/ gets shit done. Sometimes.

Listed below are projects that /tg/ has started and finished.


  • Multitude of Quests (= draw/writefaggotry + improv theatre), including awesome ones.
  • Translations of things unavailable in English.


  • WIP shows you how it's done.
  • Fa/tg/uys throw random ideas around, receive helpful feedback and suggestions (e.g. "fornicate thyself and shuffle off this mortal coil").
  • Someone takes an idea and runs with it in a way that good enough to make everyone say "Hey, this could be awesome".
  • Massive thread brainstorm ensues, occasionally distilling and expanding on the best parts of the idea for at least one thread (sometimes many, many more) but just as frequently cluttering it with barely relevant nonsense contradicting everything that came before it.
  • If it's fully developed into something amazing, the idea's ultimate fate depends on what kind of Shit needs to happen for it to Get Done.
    • If it's an idea for use in an RPG campaign (PC, campaign premise, villain, etc.), odds are several fa/tg/uys will steal it for future sessions. In some cases, one returns and regales the board with entertaining stories of how it turned out.
    • If it's an awesome fictional concept, there's a slight chance that writefaggotry and/or drawfaggotry will occur.
      • In either case, if the idea calls for more in the way of actual work, there's a slim chance that one or two fa/tg/uys will roll up their sleeves and get to work, turning the concept into a reality over the course of several weeks/months/years. And it will be glorious-assuming they don't get discouraged and quit partway through, that is. More frequently, nobody at all will ever actually do anything with the concept, and so the idea is completely forgotten within a month or so in favor of the next seemingly awesome idea which nobody wants to put genuine effort into either. Fa/tg/uys have a serious attention span problem like that.


Oh, plenty, but this isn't the place for it. See /tg/'s homebrews.


Please note that /tg/ getting shit done is to be taken in the context of a fa/tg/uy. In comparison to other, IRL accomplishments, /tg/ really only creates pen and paper outlines. And then archives them.

The phrase "/tg/ gets shit done" is just wishful thinking. A more accurate way of putting it would be "/tg/ gets shit done".

Of course, the sheer number of pages and work that has gone into this wiki simply shows that we get crap done. So the above author is ironically on the very best example of what /tg/ gets done.