Ghostplate Armour

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Forcefields. Why Dark Eldar are always better than Craftworlders.

Armour worn only by the biggest, baddest, spikiest and Dickest of BDSM Space Murderhobos. As such, these suits of armour are incredibly gaudy and are of high craftsmanship. Only the most esteemed and/or feared of Dark Eldar could wear one. That or be a Trueborn where you will automatically get access to the finest bits of the Dark Eldar armory, just because you weren't made in a vat. It doesn't have to include just the Archons you know.

They are the equivelent to the Eldar's Phoenix Armour.


Ghostplate Armour is worn by Dark Eldar and favoured amongst Archons who wish to combine substantial protection with great mobility. They are sort of like the lesser Kabalite Armour worn by Kabalite Warriors, but with more extra kinks up its sleeves.

The armour itself is fashioned from hardened resins containing pockets of lighter-than-air gas. Why this was done/designed so, we have no fucking idea. What, do the Archons huff fumes from these pockets to get high?

A propable answer would that these pockets of gas acts as shock absorbers. As a kinetic object hits the armour, force would be redistributed on said armour. Normal solid armour pieces like Flak Armour or Combat Armour would crack due to its rigidity as nothing would redistribute the kinetic force. However, the pockets of gas allows a 'cushion' to stretch and bend the armour piece, thereby redistributing a dangerous impact into something manageable, though that the gases are mentioned as being 'lighter than air' imply that they also help the thing weigh less (which is stupid since the amount of lift you get from that little gas, while not 0 is pretty damn close to 0). In a funny coincidence, the real life development of NERA (Non-Explosive Reactive Armor) actually shows the potential possibility of a plastic balloon blocking a shaped charge, though abuses of liquid or gas physics to fuck with kinetic energy in a combat capable platform outside of the laboratory is beyond us for now.

It also incorporates mini-forcefield projectors for additional protection because fuck it, top-knot over here wants to make sure he won't get extra backstabbed. Que more Skaven-levels of shenanigans.

Still, despite this, Ghostplate Armour still pales in comparison to the absolute chad energy that is, the Incubus Warsuit.

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