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Ghyran is the Realm of Life, ostensibly ruled over by Alarielle the Everqueen, however, Grandpappy Nurgle has his eye on the realm and its queen so he's been squatting his forces there and messing things up for quite some time. This is starting to change, however, with the Stormcast rolling through to help beat the ever loving crap out of anything even remotely diseased looking. Sometimes with extreme prejudice.

Age of Myth[edit]

Alarielle the Everqueen spent this period spreading Soul Pods around the realm like a divine female version of Johnny Appleseed, which would later spawn the Sylvaneth. She also sang the Song of Life for so damn long that it indoctrinated the Sylvaneth to her ways, and it still echoes around the place in the Age of Sigmar. At one point she cut off one of her hands, gave herself a new one, and the severed limb grew into a Sylvaneth called the Lady of Vines, who was like a daughter to Alarielle and embodied the happy parts of her personality.

At one point undead started popping up in a part of Ghyran where everything went through a cycle of life, death and rebirth and attacking everybody else nearly. Alarielle parleyed with Nagash, letting him have that part as his sovereign territory on the condition that he keep the undead contained to that realm. Nagash agreed to the terms (likely with fingers crossed behind his back).

Age of Chaos[edit]

This is when Nurgle invaded Ghyran, and the War of Life began, continuing for centuries and into the Age of Sigmar. The Sylvaneth were attacked by the forces of Nurgle and all of their warriors took up arms. The non-combatants either learned to fight or died horribly. During this time the Alarielle-worshiping aelves inhabiting Ghyran pussied out and fled, abandoning the realm and its people to the forces of Chaos. Enraged, Alarielle declared them exiles and the Sylvaneth have a burning hatred of these aelves, who in time came to be known as the Wanderers.

Many other mortals that lived in the realm decided it would be better to live under Nurgle than to die from whatever he inflicted, and turned on the Everqueen. Sylvaneth from the other realms rushed in to fight in the war until there were no more reinforcements to be had. At her lowest point, Alarielle even brought back Drycha to help take the fight to Chaos, even though Drycha was a genocidal loose cannon, and even that wasn't enough. Eventually, so many places were destroyed, infested, or corrupted that Alarielle was forced back into the Aethylwyrd, where she presumably pouted about how terribly things had gone. Nurgle couldn't touch her there, so she was content to brood over how shitty a monarch she'd been for the foreseeable future.

Age of Sigmar[edit]

When Sigmar started to get the band back together, he sent the Hallowed Knights, led by Lord-Castellant Grymn, to go recruit the Everqueen because Sigmar is apparently a lazy dick. However, in doing so, they trained a bunch of Nurgle's forces right to her, blowing her hiding spot. First she was super pissed at the Stormcast, then realised how much of a puss-bitch she'd been the whole time and decided she could still fight. She also then promptly realised how long she'd left things and became so depressed she basically died, turning into a Soul Pod.

The Hallowed Knights and Alarielle's favored daughter, the Lady of Vines, took her and ran as far from Nurgle as they could manage. Turns out, that wasn't very far, as Torglug the Despised One was waiting for them at Blackstone Summit and ready to finish the job. He killed the Lady of Vines and nearly grabbed Alarielle's Soul Pod before the Stormcast pushed him back. It literally took the Celestant-Prime swooping to the beat Torglug's head in with his lantern (so hard, in fact, that it changed his alignment) to put an end to things, and even then so many people/tree things had died. It was here that Alarielle's Soul Pod was finally planted and allowed to... hatch? I guess? And thus Alarielle was reborn, with a cooler outfit and a giant ride-on beetle. All her past wussiness was gone and her cry of rage echoed across the realms with a promise that she was going to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and she's all out of bubblegum. Awesome. And then Sigmar hid some corrupted Black Seeds that grows into Black Oaks which'll ruin Ghyran in vaults across the realm without telling Alarielle, the followers of Nurgle found them and are cultivating them all over Ghyran.

On The Tabletop[edit]

There's been a variety of Time of War entries set in Ghyran. The rules for 'em can be found below.

The Greenglades[edit]

  • Spontaneous growth: Each hero phase a SYLVANETH WILDWOOD appears on a roll of 6, so be sure to buy all those licensed Games Workshop Sylvaneth Forests (in all seriousness, hit your local pet store and pick up some aquarium decorations) if you plan on fighting tree hugging hippy.
  • Lifebloom: Any Battleshock tests of 1 are insta-passes and heal any Wounds taken (doesn't revive models though).
  • Shield of thorns: All WIZARDS know Shield of Thorns (CV of 6 on a friendly unit closer than 18"): any enemy unit within 3" from the buffed unit at the end of the combat phase take d3 mortal wounds.
  • Hidden festering corruption:Roll a dice for every enemy unit 1" from any scenery (+1 if you have a NURGLE general): on 5+ it suffer 1 mortal wound or if NURGLE heal a wound.
  • Help me, grandfather Nurgle!:Once a game a NURGLE HERO who died can try to revive, either being healed to full health (5+), staying dead (3-4) or turning into a CHAOS SPAWN (1-2).
  • Miasma of pestilence: All NURGLE WIZARDS know Miasma of Pestilence (CV of 4 on a friendly unit closer than 12"): -1 to hit to any enemy model within 3". For every point of CV added you can buff another unit.

Rotwater Blight[edit]

The Jotunberg Vortex[edit]

The Scabrous Sprawl[edit]

The Great Green Torc[edit]

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