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Gideon Jura, the hieromancer. Make sure to look closely at his face.

Gideon Jura is a Planeswalker and skilled hieromancer (the magic of order) once part of the Order of Heliud. He looks like a Chad.


Gideon grew up on Theros, where he was born Kytheon Iura in the city of Akros. Never knowing his father and his mother dying while he was still a young man, Gideon ended up as the head of a Robin Hood-style gang that took from the rich and gave to the rich. Eventually Gideon was captured and put in prison. Because of his talents the prison could not hold Gideon, and the constabulary handed him over to a man that would teach him hieromancy to rehabilitate him. After a few escape attempts Gideon folded and began to learn hieromancy in earnest.

During his training he was taught of the Planeswalkers. One of them was the teacher of Gideon's master and the original owner of the three-bladed whip called the sural. He was also given a warning against pyromancers, one of whom killed the teacher's master. When he killed an opponent much stronger than he was, Gideon saw everything forever, attained Nirvana and fell into the Blind Eternities. When he hit the ground he lost his zen and quickly returned to his master, who revealed that he expected this all along and was the reason he started to train Gideon. He was given the sural and left on his own, trying to find enlightenment once more.

The Purifying Fire[edit]

On the plane of Regatha Gideon encountered the Order of Heliud, a group of hieromancers who were the guardians of a font of White mana called the Purifying Fire. Wanting to study it, Gideon was allowed to do so if he performed one minor task: capture the rogue pyromancer Chandra Nalaar. Following her to Kephalai, Gideon managed to capture her after Chandra leveled the Sanctum of the Stars, a museum with treasures from other planes, in a single explosion. Unfortunately he could not take her back as the local authorities were bent on executing her, but Gideon could continue his pursuit after she escaped.

They landed on Diraden, a plane ruled over by a vampire lord that had blocked all non-black mana. A group of his servants called Fog Riders tried to steal them away from the village they had sought refuge in, its wise woman (in the body of a young girl because she slowed her aging through blood magic) wanting to keep Gideon for her own desires. Gideon destroyed one of the Fog Riders before he and Chandra were captured, his defiance of the vampire earning him a place of honor in the courtyard as vampire munchies. The vampire planned on stealing Gideon's Spark for himself with a magic ritual, but thanks to Chandra's interference he was killed, the mana block was lifted and the two returned to Regatha.

Gideon Jura standing over the broken corpses of his enemies and a dead Emrakul, the Aeons Torn in the background. Going by his pose Gideon just punched them all to death with his bare goddamn hands. Also he looks like Nicolas Cage for some reason.

Gideon confessed he was part of the Order of Heliud, which threw Chandra into a fit of rage and returned to her home at Keral Keep. Gideon reported this to the Order, which laid siege to the keep. The pyromancers were given an ultimatum: either they handed Chandra over (which they all refused to do), or the keep would be destroyed. Chandra surrendered to Gideon on her own account and was brought before the leader of the order, Walbert. He planned on using the Purifying Fire to strip her of her pyromancy and her spark to make an example out of Chandra. Gideon was appalled and told her that those with no regrets could escape the Fire unharmed. Chandra told him of the part she had played in the destruction of her home village, relieving her of a burder she had kept fleeing for years. Chandra was send into the fire without regrets and lo and behold: she did not lose her abilities. Telling Walbert just as planned, she destroyed the Order of Heliud in a single explosion. Gideon was not amused, when Chandra told him one detail about her background she had omitted: the group that had executed her village was a different branch of the Order of Heliud. Chandra left for Zendikar while he stayed behind.

On Zendikar[edit]

Regretting letting her go like that, Gideon went to Zendikar as well. Tracing her through the continent of Akoum, he lost her near the Eye of Ugin. Taking a rest at Fort Keff, that night the fort was attacked by a surrakar that was dealt with shortly. Gideon interrogated the injured creature, warning him of its returned gods. The next day streams of refugees poured into the camp while telling tales of hideous monsters. These turned out to be the Eldrazi, beings born in the Blind Eternities and feed on mana to the point that planes are destroyed in the process. Attacking the fortress, Gideon's presence turned the tide against the Eldrazi and was hailed a hero. Until Ulamog, the most powerful of the Eldrazi showed up. Gideon helped evacuate the people into a series of underground rivers. Knowing that he could not stand against an Eldrazi Titan alone he left in search of a group of Planeswalkers he heard rumors about, possibly the Infinite Consortium. Which Jace Beleren had recently gutted. Oh well.


Gideon Jura appears on four cards. He has been called the Captain Falcon of Magic: The Gathering in that his abilities resemble some of the Captain's famous lines/moves. This is also because of his skill in hand-to-hand combat, as shown in the picture above where he murdered a lot of Eldrazi with his bare goddamn hands.

All of the Gideon's
Card Expert Commentary
Gideon 1.jpg First there is Gideon Jura, costing 5 mana for 6 loyalty, making one of the more survivable planeswalkers. His +2 is COME ON, where all creatures target players control attack Gideon if able, making for a nice distraction. The second is a FALCON PUNCH costing -2 and destroys a tapped creature. As his "ultimate" (that is free if I may add, the only Planeswalker to have this) he runs onto the battlefield and knees someone in the face, in the shape of a 6/6 Human Soldier that prevents all damage done to him.

This does not make him immune to Infect, so he can be a Planeswalker with -1/-1 tokens on him that do not affect him otherwise. If I may interject, this is false. Infect is a replacement effect for damage, meaning that if Gideon was blocked by a creature with infect, it still deals combat damage, it's just that the damage is replaced by -1/-1 counters or poison counters. So, in short it still gets prevented, meaning Gideon can't be infected. If it were a card that placed -1/-1 counters on Gideon while he was going over to knee your opponent in the face, whole different story. Ignore this as its wrong.

Gideon 2.jpg The second is Gideon, Champion of Justice, a 4 for 4 deal. Like his earlier version he's rather peculiar. He keeps up the persona of Captain Falcon in his abilities; his +1 (actually +X) is a SHOW ME YA MOVES and gives him a loyalty counter for every creature target opponent controls. You might realise this potentially generates a LOT of counters. This is useful for two reasons. The first is his second ability that once again turns him into a creature, but his strength and toughness is linked to his loyalty counters, having him jump onto the battlefield with a big "HYES!". His final ability, coming at an unheard of -15. This comes, however, at a VERY powerful effect: the exile of all other permanents. It's like Elspeth Tirel's third ability cranked up to 11: not even tokens or lands are spared, and they are exiled. This is approximated to having a FALCON PUNCH collide with another FALCON PUNCH.
Kytheon, Hero of Akros.full.jpg

Gideon, Battle-Forged.full.jpg

The third is a flip card.
Gideon, Ally of Zendikar.full.jpg The fourth is Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. He can make 2/2 tokens for free, beat face in as a 5/5, and give all your weenies +1/+1. He also crews Heart of Kiran.
Gideon-of-the-Trials.png Because the last Gideon wasn't pushed enough, Wizards has blessed us with this.
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