Gilead Gravediggers

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"Gentlemen, we may not make history tomorrow, but we shall certainly change the geography."

– General Herbert Plumer, before the battle of Messines

The Gilead Gravediggers are an army of the Imperial Guard introduced in Wrath & Glory. Hailing from the planet Gilead Primus with their headquarters located on the moon of Saintshold, they are renowned for their love and mastery of trench warfare; however, unlike the other WW1-inspired army we all know and love, the Gravediggers are perfectly happy to sit in their foxholes and wait the enemy out, going as far as set up Imperial shrines in their trenches. They can be seen as the defensive counterpart of the Kriegers, letting their opponents crash on their defensive structures whereas the Kriegers use trenches as forward positions from where charges start.

While so far they have no official art (the W&G rulebook uses the vanilla IG soldier illustration for them; one could be tempted to imagine them using WW1-era Austro-Hungarian, British, Italian and/or Tsarist Russian-themed gear, while Krieg takes from the French and Germans), they seem pretty decked out, having their own elite troops in the form of Tempestus Scions (whether the name is a placeholder until more fluff comes out or not remains to be seen) as well as sanctioned psykers, albeit the latter bit is denied by Imperial authorities.

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