Glass Moon

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The Glass Moon is a pretty cool Daemon Moon found only in the Maelstrom. During Robot Gullytan's merry pilgrimage to Terra following his resurrection, his forces encountered fleets from the Red Corsairs.


The Glass Moon is, as it states in its name, a glass moon. Its a glassy and almost translucent moon with a red, soft glow in the centre, presumed to be the moon's core. When Bobby G and friends were lost in the Maelstrom due to Thousand Sons hijinks, they settled on the moon in hopes of capturing a traitor for directions.

Landing parties mounted gunships and Drop Pods, as they streak down through thin, pale skies onto a dark and glassy world. The loyalists found vitrified continents, barren of life and tormented by powerful, screaming winds. An unnatural light glowed deep within the world’s glass heart, and left all who glimpsed it with an ominous sense of dread. The crusade strike force located an armoured fortification amongst a range of mountains, clinging limpet-like amidst glinting peaks.

Suffice to say, Guillimand and friends found out that a small garrison of Red Corsairs was fucking around and proceeded to assault and capture a few of them. Unfortunately for Bobby G, a daemon possessed the captive before trolling him about Macragge's fate before snapping the captive's neck. Papa Smurf, feeling a bit down and all, decided to abandon the moon for the next world to assfuck.

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