Gloomspite Horde Creation Tables

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For anyone looking to make a theme for their army or just a quick means of creating lore for their grots and troggoths.

Army Demographics[edit]

What is the horde mostly composed of? (d20)
(1-4) Moonclan Grots: The wily, mushroom harvesting, lackeys of the Bad Moon. They travel in masses of Stabbas and Shootas and rely on their Shamans to channel the powers of fungi and their lunar god.
(5-8) Spiderfang Grots: Crawling from their temporary realmgates, the devotees of the Spider God use all forms of creepy crawlies from hulking Arachnaroks to the speedy Spider Riders.
(9-12) Squigs: Though this tribe does have a few Grots that serve as handlers, it is the bulbous, belligerent, biting balls known as Squigs that populate this tribe the most.
(13-16) Troggoths: In the deepest, dankest parts of the realms, the surly and violent Troggoths are always looking for some fresh meat, often accompanied by their drinking buddies, the Gargants.
(17-20) Hodgepodge: The warlord of this tribe was able to bring together multiple aspects of the Gloomspite Gitz under his command. Re-roll twice, and add another faction if landing on 17-20.

What is the size of the horde? (d3)
(1) Underwhelming: Maybe they splintered off from some other bigger horde or are a new horde taking form, this group is quite small and unassuming. But they say never judge others based on size.
(2) Modest: An average sized army. The leader(s) of this horde have done good enough to garner a decent following within their lurklair. They aren’t the biggest force out there, but they’re certainly a danger to be wary of..
(3) Superpower: Through any number of means, be it underhanded or no, this horde has risen to become a realm renowned kingdom of gitz. No one will think lightly before challenging this horde.

Location and Habitat[edit]

In what Realm does the tribe live? (d10)
(1) Ulgu, Realm of Shadow
(2) Shyish, Realm of Death
(3) Aqshy, Realm of Fire
(4-5) Ghur, Realm of Beasts
(6) Hysh, Realm of Light
(7-9) Chamon, Realm of Metal
(10) Ghyran, Realm of Life

What is the horde’s lurklair situated in? (d10)
(1) Mountainous Tunnels: Having burrowed into the side of a craggy mountain, this horde has a good view of where their next raid will be and when the Bad Moon will rise.
(2) Swampy Dwellings: This horde has made their home amidst the mud and muck of a putrid marsh. When they’re not attacking hapless enemies, they’re mending their lairs to prevent flooding.
(3-4) Forest Caves: Hidden away in the woods is an unassuming hole, and from the hole does this horde strike. Simple and straight forward. Expect opposition from Sylvaneth.
(5) Valley of Da Moon: The eerie light of the Bad Moon fills a cavernous ravine with gloomspite energy. The hordes crawl out of the valleys like a mass of insects ready to feast.
(6) Ruined Village: The horde has conquered some other faction’s base and have since taken a liking to its placement. Sure it needs some redecorating but it will serve as perfect home base. Maybe it even has a fortress for the boss!
(7-8) Under-Home: Deep beneath the earth lies a colony built from anything and everything the horde could find. Its size can vary from a tiny hamlet to a massive metropolis.
(9-10) Moonward Bound: Following the Bad Moon is the horde’s only concern. They don’t have time to settle down and make a base when there is so much mayhem to inflict!


How often do they go on raids? (d4)
(1) Once in a Bad Moon: Highly superstitious, this horde will only step out of their dwellings when the Bad Moon has arrived.
(2) Preemptive Sneaks: Through various means, the horde can sense when the Bad Moon will rise and thus plan their raids just before their lunar god arrives.
(3) Twitchy Loons: When they ain’t raiding, this horde is a jittery and impatient lot. They’re always ready to go on the attack, Bad Moon or no.
(4) Constant Raiders: They never stop. Jumping from one village to the next this horde has an obsession with getting into a scrap, hoping to attract the Bad Moon with all the mindless havoc they inflict.

What is the horde’s view on the Loonking? (d4)
(1) He’s crazy, and not in da good way!
(2) Skragrott iz a cunnin’ git, but I’z still don’t trust ‘em.
(3) Dat Grot knows wot he’s doin’! He’ll take us to da Bad Moon!
(4) Hail to da Loonking! Da prophet of da moon!

Who are the horde’s main enemies? d10
(1) Dem otha’ gitz wot think they’s betta! (Other Gloomspite Gitz)
(2) Ratties! (Skaven)
(3) Fire stunties! (Fyreslayers)
(4) Metal stunties! (Kharadron Overlords)
(5) Shiny ‘umies! (Stormcast Eternals)
(6) Beasties! (Beasts of Chaos)
(7) Scaly Beasties! (Seraphon)
(8) Spiky beasties! (Chaos Daemons)
(9) I dunno...but they’s gonna get krumped! (Other)
(10) Everyone! Dey ain’t followin’ da Bad Moon!

Figure of Legend[edit]

Who is the horde’s most infamous git? Roll d6.
(1) Loonboss
(2) Madcap or Fungoid Cave Shaman
(3) Scuttleboss
(4) Webspinner Shaman
(5) Dankhold Troggboss
(6) A mysterious Grot that no one quite fully remembers

What is their personality? Roll d10. Roll twice for a more colorful character. You can ignore this if your previous choice was Dankhold Troggboss.
1 Paranoid
2 Deceptive
3 Ruthless
4 Insane
5 Arrogant
6 Ambitious
7 Spiteful
8 Cynical
9 Inspiring
10 Imposing

What was his legendary act? Roll d100.
01-25 The figure is remembered as a bane of duardin, forever remembered and loathed by the stunties.
26-50 The individual was a tenacious enemy of the servants of Chaos, and slew a Daemon Prince.
51-70 He led a glorious campaign against a rival Gloomspite horde.
71-85 The figure is a true Herald of Da Bad Moon, covering an entire region in the Everdank.
86-90 Led the horde into a truly legendary fight.
91-95 The figure is renowned for the accuracy of his ability to predict when and where Da Bad Moon will appear.
96-100 The figure led his in many glorious campaigns, slaying hundreds of the enemy’s greatest champions. In the end, they were brought down by treachery within his own ranks.