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"Kislevite spears are a tool the Daemon Prince knows intimately. In this past life, he wielded one in the name of honor. Now he wears a different name and cares only for forging himself into a weapon of unfathomable destruction. Sometimes, carried on the whisper of an ice-laced breeze, he hears the name... Daniel."

– [The Advisor]
"I was mortal once. A prince then, a prince now... The gods themselves called me to bear their mark. I have time... to revel in this coming slaughter! I am a puppet no longer! I am the God-Slayer!"

God-Slayer (known to his few friends as Prince Yuri Barkov Daniel) is an OC from Total War: WARHAMMER. He is the former Kislevite noble who went to save Ursun, yet instead of saving him he got corrupted and twisted by Chaos. By the time he came to and meet Ursun, he was twisted to the core by Chaos and shot the bear god with a enchanted bullet that supposedly killed Ursun. Because killing a god is serious business, and the fact that he didn't choose a patron, he got turned into a (second) Daemon of Chaos Undivided by all four Chaos Gods for aforementioned killing of Ursun... who was revealed to be still alive, but in the hands of Be'lakor, who is definitely planning something. Thus God-Sla...Daniel gathers his forces to finish the job.

Unlike Be'lakor, the God-Slayer can say fuck it to the whole "Undivided Prince" gig and become the Blood-Sprayer, the Couch-Layer, the Ball-Drainer, or the Lie-Sayer...or mix and match body parts how he likes resulting in some really BIZARRE FORMS.

If you couldn't tell, the dude is basically Warhammer Fantasy's answer to Prince Arthas (even though Archaon already has more than a few similarities to him).


His story unfolds the course of the Warcraft 3 Human campaignWarhammer 3 prologue, which also serves as a tutorial for explaining basic game mechanics (how to move your army on the battle and campaign maps, how to recruit units, conquer cities, construct buildings, etc...)

He was a human once. Prince then, prince now. But jokes aside, Yuri Barkov (not Kovalenko, as some lore grognards hoped, although it turns out the two are related) was an Ungol prince that was tasked by Tzarina Katarin, his old girlfriend it turns out, to find Ursun. You see, in TWW continuity (at least for now) Bear-God ended every winter with his powerful roar. But then he disappeared, and Kislevite climate, which was already harsh, became pretty similar to the Game of Thrones one. To end the the seven years-long winter, Yuri with his brother Gerik and some warriors marched north, to the Kislev's northernmost outpost Dervingard, where Ursun was last heard.

The road was hard and filled with various dangers, and many considered quitting even before reaching the outpost, but then Yuri received a message from Ursun, who told prince that he is still very much alive and needs saving. So, Kislevites marched north, but faced many problems.
See, that part of Kislev is pretty close to the Chaos Wastes, so it was under constant attacks by Norscans. After finally killing an annoying Chaos chieftain, Yuri has the bright idea to pick up the guy's cursed sword, and also to start pouring over the notes of the previous guy who lead that outpost the Boyar Slavin Kurnz, who quit when he decided to join Chaos, in order to try and learn how to navigate the Chaos Wastes to find Ursun.
Surprisingly, he actually finds some mildly useful advice in that book, and combined with the help of Ursun's voice, he actually does manage to make some headway into the Wastes, first fighting some Daemons, then breaching a labyrinth guarding a library for more information on exactly how to get to Ursun.

His men (and especially his brother) start worrying, but Yuri ignores them and return with the next step on their plan: the portal to the actual Realm of Chaos is behind a bridge that can only be passed if allowed by the greater Daemon that guards it, so following Ursun's advice, Yuri will go to a brass shrine and kill some daemons to get the true Name of the that bridge guardian. His brother start finding Yuri's behaviour very suspicious, especially as the success they meet so far (killing enough Norscans that they actually start sending him offerings and treating him as a sort of chieftain in his own right) gets to Yuri's head, but its the only lead they have so he follows.

The trip to the brass shrine goes surprising well and he gets the True Name, but at that point he's clearly starting to lose it. Cemented when they finally reach that bridge and Yuri decapitates his brother without hesitation for safe passage. Encouraged by Ursun, he presses forward and after fighting that former kislev outpost chief we mentionned above, steps into the portal to the Chaos Realm...

... where he finds that the "Ursun" he'd been talking to was actually Be'lakor all along. Be'lakor then shows Yuri Ursun as he is, emprisoned, weakened and begging for help, and convinces him that the Bear God is not worthy of being worshiped and that Yuri should kill him and take his power for himself. Yuri, at this point fully believing in his own hype, actually does shoot Ursun to kill him.

Except that Be'lakor actually takes that power for himself and leave Yuri for dead instead. Broken, faithless and on the verge of death, Yuri prays to the Chaos Gods as a whole, begging them to let him be powerful enough to take his revenge on the Daemon Prince. The big four actually accepts, and Yuri is immediately overwhelmed by their combined blessings, shedding his previous human form.

Yuri is no more, and in his place stands Daniel whichever name you picked or decided to let the random name generator give him.

Due to his betrayal he starts out at war with Konstaltyn EVERY NON-CHAOS FACTION. Expect even the hippies from Nordland to come knocking at your door. He starts in Norsca, surrounded by minor Norscan factions, some Greenskins and Skaven, and possibly every Kislevite in the map.

His faction is different in the sense that he has no tech tree. Instead, he gains glory. Glory is a currency of sorts that you gain in battle or dedicating buildings to a particular god. In battle, you choose to dedicate that glory to a specific god, or to Chaos Undivided. This goes to his Glory tree, which unlocks body parts and weapons for him, and unlocks buffs and units. So, your whole faction is entirely malleable. Horrors can rain down missiles while Plaguebearers hold the line and Skullcrushers ride to the flanks if you wish. All of this culminates in the Ascension decision in your Glory tree. After a certain amount of Glory is earned for a god or Undivided, you can ascend to be a patron of that god or remain forever as an Undivided prince. This unlocks the last set of body parts and the late game units of the god, if you chose a particular god. You can only ascend to one god or Undivided. Also you lose some glory with the other gods if you choose a god in specific. Also, with the glory tree, he can use some of the skills that the monogod factions have. For example he can seduce units, or unlock a bloodletting bar like the Khornate factions, or have a watered down version of a plague.

His skill tree is also different in the sense that he has no skills to benefit him personally (no yellow skill tree). Instead he has a skill line for every god and Undivided, buffing the units of that god or army buffs. You can only buff the Prince through body parts, or defeat traits.

So, all in all, he's the perfect RP character. He's the demon of many skills but master of none. His main advantage is his versatility. Even if he goes full Khornate, he'll never match Skarbrand pound for pound, same for all the other demonic Legendary Lords. So, he is whatever you make him to be.

Hilariously, for a time after launch he was actually weaker than his human form from the prologue. Gee, thanks Chaos.

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