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Godbeasts are gigantic monsters from the Age of Sigmar setting. These colossal beasts are typically the progenitors of the various breeds of monsters that plague the mortal realms. Most of them died in the Age of Myth, being slain by Sigmar, Nagash or Gorkamorka, or were subsequently imprisoned under the earth if they proved to powerful to destroy. However several of them have survived into the Age of Sigmar, some of which have even fallen to Chaos.

Notable Godbeasts[edit]


The Father of Gargants. His story begins with Ymnog, the Grandfather of Gargants. Inside his stomach was born Behemat, who brewed a lake of moonshine in his father's guts, causing him to retch him into his mouth, where Behemat then broke his father’s teeth to escape. It is said the gargants were created from his vomit after he went on a binge-eating spree that caused the extinction of several species of cattle. Countless deeds are attributed to Behemat by his Sons, most of which double as their explanation for the different races (known collectively as “pipsqueaks”, “little men”, or any other short demeaning term), like the Idoneth Deepkin being an Aelven civilization that Behemat drowned after causing a massive flood, the Fyreslayers being born when the World Titan stomped out some volcanos and saw these angry short guys come out to yell at him, and the denizens of Shyish being mostly skeletons because Behemat ate all the meat in the Realm of Death. He was goaded by Gorkamorka, his master (who himself was manipulated by Tzeentch, into challenging Sigmar and was promptly knocked the fuck out, collapsing in the Realm of Life Ghyran (the region known as the Harmonis Veldt, to be precise) . While he was asleep, his body would become covered by earth; his skull becoming the mountain of Tor Crania, his mouth becoming the Titansmawr (from which more gargants would occasionally crawl out), the Sweatswamp forming around the location of his left armpit, and so on. Archaon planned to corrupt him to Chaos, forcing the Stormcast Eternals to put him down before he was fully corrupted. His wayward offspring, the Gargants, have begun forming together into various tribes known collectively as the Sons of Behemat.


Progenitor of the Stardrakes and Dracoths, the star-dragon Dracothion is one of the closest allies of the Pantheon of Order, being the one who guided both Sigmar and the Seraphon to the Mortal Realms. May or may not be Sotek from the old world with a name change.

Skalok the Skull Host of Khorne[edit]

The only godbeast with an actual (albeit Forge World) tabletop model, Skalok was a mighty dragon slain by the Khornate lord Vorgaroth the Scarred. Impressed by Skalok's might, Khorne resurrected her as his servant and forced her to work together with Vorgaroth by cursing them so that if one was ever slain, the other will be destroyed by Khorne's fury as well.

The Spider God[edit]

An arachnid godbeast worshipped by the Spiderfang Grot tribes. Believed to have been an ordinary spider that bit Gorkamorka on the foot and absorbed his power.


The Ur-Salamander and mother of the Magmadroths, Vulcatrix died in battle against the Duardin god Grimnir. Her body exploded into millions of pieces that’d become magmadroth eggs. One of the largest pieces became fellow Godbeast Ignimbrus, the largest still living Magmadroth who lives outside the Unbak Lodge like a guard dog.