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Goff Rokkerz are an obscure species of Oddboys associated with the Goffs Clan of Orks in Warhammer 40,000, in which they play to accompany the march of a Warboss' retinue to battle. While all Orks enjoy loud noises - as it stimulates their brains with exhilaration and excitement - Goffs have an uncontrollable appetite for noise.

Because of this, any Goff who hears the music of a Goffik Rokker becomes excited and worked-up. They first appeared as models with a rule-set in Rogue Trader, with mechanics in "Ere We Go!" and rules in "Waaagh! The Orks!" After this, they vanished into the ether for years, until the coming of 8th edition, when they were brought back in White Dwarf as a new unit for Goff Klan armies, possibly hinting at an upcoming Goff Klan codex for 40K.


Sort of like this, only smaller.

Rogue Trader/1e[edit]

A Goff Warboss can take up to 3 Goff Rokkerz as part of his retinue for free. So long as a Rokker is alive, all orks within 12" can fire twice per turn at the cost of a -1 penalty to their To Hit rolls.


Only 1 unit of Goff Rokkerz may be included in your army. Each Rokker is armed with a Rokker Choppa-Shoota, and has Movement 5", Weapon Skill 3+, Ballistic Skill 5+, Strength 5, Toughness 4, Wounds 4, Attacks 3, Leadership 6 and Save 4+. The Rokker Choppa-Shoota, their iconic weapon, is a combination of an electric guitar, a machine gun, and a battle-axe; as a result, it can be fired in the Shooting phase as a Range 24", Str 4, Assault 4 AP +1 gun, and wielded in melee as a Str +1 weapon. The Rokkerz belong to the Ork and Goff Factions, and have the keywords Character, Infantry, Nob, and Goff Rokker. Their special abilities are 'Ere We Go, Mob Rule, Dakka! Dakka! Dakka! and Musik.

Musik is their unique special rule, and means the Rokkerz must select which type of Musik they are playing at the start of each battle round. Goffik Rokk grants +1 Strength to all Goff Infantry within 6". Eavy Metal causes all Goff Infantry with the "No Mukkin' About" rule within 6" to generate their bonus attacks on a 5+ instead of on a 6+.

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