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The Orks of the Goff Clan're view themselves as the Orkiest of them all; the biggest, the 'ardest, and the strongest - and more than willing to prove it at the slightest provocation. They're ready to fight all day every day against anyone, even themselves, especially themselves, since in their opinion no-one else can offer as good a fight. The Goff way of war's a thundering stampede of steel-capped boots and horned helmets, not an intentional scheme to overwhelm the enemy with more bodies than bullets, for Goffs care little for such mukkin' about as strategy, but the result of the entire Goff army racing each other to reach the opponent first. They prefer to fight on foot rather than mounted if possible, so they can get stuck in right away when they arrive at their destination, but if forced to, they'll slum it in a Trukk or Battlewagon, if only to get to the krumpin' quicker.

Goffs're natural leaders for the Orks, role models of proper Orkish behaviour, and thus most Ork Waaagh!s congregate around Goff Warlords. The most infamous of these's Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, who needs no introduction, but there've been many others. Goffs usually don't go in for fancy ornamentation, settling for simple black and white chequerboard or dagger patterns, and red Bull skulls.

On the Tabletop[edit]

3rd Edition[edit]

White Dwarf issue 290 first provided optional bonus rules for running a pure Goff army, letting you run a dead-hard force that hit like a truck and was as difficult to shift. They could take Skarboyz as Troops, otherwise an Elite choice at that time, but couldn't take Looted Wagons at all, looking down on using non-Ork tech. Their Warbosses and Skarboy Nobz also got the Big Horns equipment for free, giving them +1 Leadership with which to boss everyone else around, but you had to bring a Waaagh! Banner with you (why wouldn't you?).

8th Edition[edit]

Rules for all the Clans were included in the Ork Codex this time around, including the Goffs. This time around, they could once again take Skarboyz as Troops, using a Stratagem to upgrade regular Boyz Mobz, and weren't banned from using Looted Wagons, if only because said units themselves weren't included in said Codex. They also gained a Clan Kulture similar to a Space Marine Chapter Tactic, called No Mukkin' About, giving every Goff model exploding dice in melee, generating additional hits on every unmodified 6.

They also get a unique Warlord Trait, Shiny Gubbin, and Psychic Power, which're all suitably Goffy. Goff warlords get +1 Attacks, always nice, but also get +1 Armour Penetration in melee if they charge or Heroically Intervene. A Goff character can equip Da Lucky Stikk, letting them re-roll any To-Hit and To-Wound rolls in the Fight Phase, and letting all other Goff characters in a 6" bubble add +1 to To-Hit rolls during the Fight Phase. And Goff Weirdboyz can call down a Bull Charge, empowering a Goff mob within 18" so that they consider any Charge roll of less than 7" as 7".


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