Golden Aquilas

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Golden Aquilas
Battle Cry For Onii-Sama!
Number XXI
Founding 31st Millennium
Successors of Everyone
Successor Chapters Unknown
Primarch Lady Jessamene Integra Isabella D'Arcelle Dawnshadow
Homeworld A sector with every possible world
Strength 99999 exactly (plus 1 male Dreadnought)
Specialty Being perfect in every way
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Darkest black, silver, midnight blue, crimson red, regal gold

The Golden Aquilas are the result of fa/tg/uys attempting to create a chapter made entirely of Mary Sues. This has caused a noticeable amount of rage among devou/tg/uardsmen due to the following reasons:

1.The mere fact of Female Space Marines.
2.Female Space Marines being Mary Sues, compounding 2 sources of rage together is enough to send your everyday fa/tg/uy into a basic Angry Marine-esque rage
3.Half-mutant/Xenos marines who willingly consort with Chaos WHILE serving the Emperor and not being considered heretics/mutants/inquisition?! EXTRA HERESY! *BLAM!*

Brief Summary[edit]

The Golden Aquilas consists of female psyker marines who were created by Lady Jessamene Integra Isabella D'Arcelle Dawnshadow (a female Custodes and sister-figure (wincest) to the Emperor) after the Horus Heresy to stop such an event from ever occurring again. The Aquilas were made using geneseed from ALL the original legions, so to create the ultimate marines. The battle sisters frequently work with xenos and use Chaos to their advantage, but are never questioned by the inquisition because they are too pure to possibly be corrupted. -Kind of like Grey Knights then?

You may now weep/rage.

Outside of TG[edit]

It's been speculated by certain parties that Matt Ward might try to use the Golden Aquilas as a template for the Sisters of Battle codex. While there's certainly some evidence against the idea that he would do this, the Golden Aquilas, fit to a more Codex Astartes pattern would certainly be a Rule 63 version of those that would call Ward their 'Spiritual Liege'. This is almost certain to make Ward act in a manner very similar to a /tg/ original character.

Games Workshop, knowing they were already losing fans to the rising prices, finecast models, and Ward's other work, they declined the idea; but they compromised by letting Ward have free reign with some other elements in the canon, and making him work with Robin Cruddance on the next Sister of Battle Codex. Under Cruddance's supervision, the end result was a skubtastic codex that was both, an oddly not-a-gamebreaker Codex (for once), and also not a published piece of Sisters snuff fapfiction. His apparent attitude towards them and a decidedly Meh codex is, of course, evidence that Ward doesn't respect the sisters enough. Or at all.

The above mentioned 'certain parties' continue to speculate that, until the release of a proper codex for the Sisters or the next edition of what Games Workshop internally calls Codex: Ultramarines(& co.), the Golden Aquilas will remain a fan piece.

Chapter Organization[edit]

The Golden Aquilas follow their own unique and special organization. This may appear to be almost the same as the Codex Astartes, but this is only because the Ultramarines and their successors attempted (and only somewhat succeeded) at copying the amazing Aquilas organization. In fact they are so special they can have an entire legion's worth of Astartes as their loyalty is unquestioned; they therefore have a special asterisk next to the 1000 marine limit, as a sanctioned exception.

1st Company: The greatest and most ultimate warriors. Everyone in this company has specially customized, weightless form-fitting armour meant to emphasize the uniqueness and personality of every individual while offering the same protection as a full suit of Aquilon Tactical Dreadnought armour, and function similar to the Custodes in honor of their past.
2nd Company: The most cunning of tactical genii are found here. So strategically brilliant are these marines that allied Eldar seek their counsel.
3rd Company: The darkest of the Aquilas make up this force. They spend much time being poetic and broody outside of combat, and black is a popular colour amongst their ranks.
4th Company: The rudest and most brutal Astartes can be found here. They use cruel methods such as torture to get the job done, but are never questioned or forced to face consequences for their actions.
5th Company: The purest and most innocent of them all. Most of these marines can't even comprehend the concept of corruption and are beyond faithful in their bliss.
6th Company: The most beautiful marines in existence. So charming and gorgeous that they can turn the enemy to their side. Frequently sent on diplomatic and peacekeeping missions.
7th Company: The wildest battle sisters form this company's ranks. These girls have loose personalities like free spirits and have quite the cocky attitude. Mostly assault units.
8th Company: The greatest psykers in the entire chapter. These marines are brilliant and wise beyond all others, and can rip fortresses apart with their minds. In close combat they masterfully wield an individually-crafted Nemesis Force Katana.
9th Company: The most righteous and courageous marines. These warriors are paladins of valour, seeking to protect the weak and crush the wicked at all times. Very honorable and serious lot.
10th Company: The agile scouts and silent assassins of the chapter. The battle sisters in this company move like the wind and strike like lighting.

Notable Marines[edit]

Lady Jessamene Integra Isabella D'Arcelle Dawnshadow, Mistress of the Custodes, Paladin of the Emperor, Saint of Courageous Loyalty, Lady of the Golden Sector, Bearer of Light's Truth, the Pious Heart and Rider of the Astral Fire: Founder of the chapter. The only female Custodes and first primaris marine(she gave the idea to guillliman and cawl to create them upon seeing the cicatrix maledictum happening 10,000 years later)who also fought alongside the Emperor during the Unification Wars and was like a sister to him. Later she developed the defens:ive system around Terra, wrote the Codex Astartes together with the Emperor, thereby creating Space Marines as we know them. During the Horus Heresy she fought side by side with the Emperor, defending him from the forces of Chaos, even after he fell. When Dorn got there, she set out in a crusade of righteous fury, single-handedly driving the forces of Chaos back into the Eye. She then returned to create the Golden Aquilas to prevent such a terrible thing from ever occurring again. Her sacrifices and accomplishments eventually allowed her to ascend and become a Saint before returning to aid the imperium from the gathering storm. Other notable accomplishments: Single-handedly defeating a daemon prince, then turning him back into a human and purging the taint of Chaos from him by sheer power of her will and benevolence. Her armor and that of the Emperor were used to create a mighty hammer, the holy relic of the Golden Aquilas. It has the power to wipe out the taint of Chaos from an entire planet with a single blow.

Susan Superbus: Current Chapter Mistress. A half-ork, half-tau, half-human with a bit of tyranid thrown in. Former leader of second company and generally amazing. Totally screwed Marneus Calgar. And dating the revived roboute guilliman

Serena Starhawk: Half-eldar and captain of tenth company. Has tightly-fitted wraithbone armour and witchblade katana fused with her father's soulstone. Great girl to be around and totally kawaii.

Yiffle Wolfstein: Assault sergeant of seventh company and Fenrisian half-cat with holy ceramite claws/teeth. Very loose personality and also a lesbian.

Logistia Lamperouge: Captain of second company and tactical genius. Capable of outsmarting a Lord of Change. Also secretly an alias for Creed.

Veronica Bellastasia: Captain of the sixth company and most beautiful of all marines. Launcher of a thousand ships, wears gorgeous armour that changes colour based on her mood.

Ebony Dementia: Captain of the fourth company and half dark-eldar. Is a total bitch but everyone still likes her. Foe yay with her and Serena.

Aranelle de la Fleur: Captain of the ninth company, and probably the only completely human member of the chapter. Defeated a renegade Custodes in single combat. Had sex with Kal Draigo/is his lover. Currently on a quest to get him out of the warp.

Helveticus Archival: Only male in the Golden Aquilas. Interned in a Icelus Contemptor Golden Aquila Pattern redemptor Venerable Dreadnought, equipped with a plasma sword with built in assault cannon, storm shield and an Assault Pack. Has had sex with just about every member of the chapter.

Shadowshade Blacknight: Captain of the Third Company, a brooding melancholy queen of darkness, half Daemon, half human. She enjoys sitting in the dark and writing awful poetry. Despite this, she has the most common sense, often complaining about how "Fifth company should be all shot" and "Why the fuck didn't we give that STC to the Mechanicus?". However, most of these glimpses of wisdom are drowned out by her constant brooding over her DAAAAAARK AND MYSTERIOUSSSSSS PAAAAAST, and attempts to get away from any attempts to socialize with her. It is rumored she is the only Aquilla Helveticus hasn't slept with yet.

Gallery of Perfection[edit]


Triple Heresy!

AAR: Borobudur III[edit]

Describing the end of the 7 month Guard Campaign:

" we realized we were trapped in the valley. On the cliffs, the Tau forces harassed us without mercy, ruining every attempt to rally our forces. In the front, Orks surged forth in an endless green tide of death. Behind us lay only the enormous lake, its waves battering on the shore like Earthshakers, making escape by water impossible. Our heavy vehicles had been reduced either to a barely-functional state or outright scrap. Ammo was low, casualties were high, moral was nonexistent, and our general lay dead. What was left of our superiors gave us our final orders: pray for a miracle, and fight to the death.

On the last day, at dawn, a final, terrible WAAAAAAGH! arose from the front as the Orks surged forth from their camp, while darting shadows on the sides told us the Tau were preparing to finish the Orks off right after our own deaths. Suddenly, deliverance came: the cliffs began to roar with bolter fire and heavy ordnance, shredding the Orks en masse, with precision that was both terrifying and beautiful in equal measure. The Orks fell back, bewildered, the largest among them already dead or doomed. A sudden roar came from the ranks of the ordinary Guard soldiers, and they charged forth, renewed with vengeance, forcing the Orks back even faster, were it possible. Running, however, did not save the enemy: the farther they went, the more traps seemed to spring to life from the air, killing them in droves. The few who tried to take to the skies exploded in quick succession as fireballs, killing those below. Soon, the battlefield lay devoid of life, save the guardsmen who cheered and sobbed in equal measure.

Those with quicker wits, however, began to wonder who our saviors had been. Our saviors were clearly Imperial, but we should have been the only such forces in the sector. Further, what had happened to the Tau forces? It was only after climbing the cliffs did we find our answer: the Tau dead littered the battlefield. Many seemed to have been killed from behind, either with slit throats or wounds on vital organs. This would have been impressive with the Fire Warriors alone, but the Kroot and Tau Dreadnaughts were killed or disabled in a similar manner, without any apparent sign of resistance.

This, however, was not what grabbed our immediate attention. That was drawn instead to the beautiful figures clad in black, silver and blue. Surely they must have been Sisters of Battle, but I had seen the Sisters before, and believe me, none were as entrancing or moved as gracefully or precisely as those I saw that day. Alas, the only communication I had with our saviors was the gentle smile one flashed at me before she climbed aboard their transports and quickly vanished from sight. Thinking back on that moment, am I blessed for having set eyes on such perfection, or cursed never knowing if I may see it again..?"

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