Golden Mountains

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Golden Mountains
Golden Mountains symbol v3.png
Battle Cry “The Mountains March!” “The Earth Trembles!”
Number II
Founding First Founding
Primarch Pacha the Earthquake
Homeworld Suyu IV
Strength 100,000
Specialty Melee, particularly in mass formations or in difficult terrain
Allegiance Loyalist
Colours Black, Red, Gold
This page details people, events, and organisations from Warmasters Triumvirate, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. See the Warmasters Triumvirate page for more information on the Alternate Universe.
The color scheme of the marines.

The Golden Mountains are one of the original Astartes Legions created for the Great Crusade by the Emperor of Mankind. Stalwart, protective and massive, the Legion held the tide against massed enemy charges, with particular care for the lives of civilians. Undoubtedly loyal, while crippled during the preamble to the Brotherwar, the Golden Mountains managed to recover in time to deliver key defeats to the Traitors, accomplishing their duties no matter how bleak the situation. Despite the destruction of the Emperor's dream during the Brotherwar, the Golden Mountains remain proudly loyal to the ideals of the Imperial Truth, although they have needed to compromise with the Ecclesiarchy after the events at Apu.


Pre-Primarch History & Reunion[edit]

The Golden Mountains were known as the IInd Legion before their reunion with their Primarch. Led by Legion Master Quteq (who would later be Pacha's Equerry), the Legion managed to not fall behind the other Legions in the number of planets it conquered for the Imperium, despite being one of the later ones to find its Primarch.

While Pacha changed little in the Legion's military doctrine, the Primarch molded the Legion's overall philosophy and culture. Protection of civilians became the prime directive to consider in any scenario. The librarians were more integrated into the Legion's hierarchy. An appreciation for food and music was instilled into the Astartes. Quteq would gracefully hand the reins of the IInd Legion over to Pacha, taking the role of councilor to his genesire and helping with the various logistical tasks of the Legion.

The Great Crusade[edit]

During the Great Crusade, the Golden Mountains acted as shield to the Imperium, always present wherever civilians were at risk. They would follow in the steps of their genesire and bond with the Legions whose Primarchs were closest with Pacha: Silver Blades, Chosen of Hecate, Sentinels, Smoke Stalkers and Titan Marches. Noticeably, the Loxodontii Astartes never befriended the Golden Mountains the way Ashur befriended Pacha, with a few exceptions.


The Golden Mountains would be unintentionally crippled by the Smoke Stalkers before the start of the Brotherwar, which damaged the relationship between both the Primarchs and their Legions. Although marked by further tragedy with the loss of an entire Chapter to the currents of the Warp on their way back to Suyu IV, the Legion managed to recover and played key roles in defeating the Loxodontii and in defending key positions during the Siege of Terra, saving countless civilian lives at the cost of some of its most notable champions. Despite the shattering of the Emperor's dream, the Legion dutifully followed in removing Chaotic presence from the various Imperial worlds that had been conquered by the Traitors over the course of the Brotherwar, while trying to stem the growing influence of the Ecclesiarchy. However, it would be in the world that was named as Apu afterwards that the Legion lost its Primarch.


Pacha's slumber effectively ended the Legion's attempts to curb the Ecclesiarchy, as decided by a council held by those at the top of the chain of command. However, the Avalanche Company, known for their idealism and bravery, decided to go rogue, warring against both the Ecclesiarchy and the enemies of the Imperium. Similarly, a chapter would defects towards the Separatists. The rest of the Legion negotiated some leeway with the Ecclesiarchy: Planets directly under control of the IInd Legion wouldn't have the Imperial Cult forced upon them, and Imperial Guard regiments would similarly not be under religious scrutiny (although they would need to pay lip service). Similarly, although more unofficially, the Second Legion would follow the Codex Astartes in name only. While the Golden Mountains would split officially under a variety of chapters as the remaining Loyalist legions did, the Golden Mountains effectively remained under the same hierarchy and were exempted of needing to present any rosters to Inquisitorial controls.


Suyu IV

Suyu IV consists of a single, massive landmass majoritarily consistent of mountainous terrain, farmed by the natives with knowledge that was retained from older days. Considerably more bountiful with the unification and reorganization under Pacha’s banner, plus the new technologies gained upon joining the Imperium, the yearly harvests have become enough that the planet has started to provide food to nearby systems.

Legion Characteristics[edit]


The Legion strongly favors melee combat, using Thunder Hammers and Power Mauls as their most common melee weapons, often accompanied by Storm Shields. The legion's Librarians act as support near the front lines, empowering the other marines' weapons and armor, or using their psychically-enhanced senses to keep an awareness on the wider situation.

Culture & Personality[edit]


The Avalanche[edit]

The Fettered[edit]

Special units[edit]

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Special equipment[edit]

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Naval Assets[edit]

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Notable Members[edit]

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