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Golthain's symbol.jpg
A blank-faced mask
Aliases The Faceless
Divine Rank Dead titan
Pantheon Scarn
Domains None
Worshippers Bat devils, deryth, druids, shadowravens, unseeing ratmen

"He deserves your forgiveness! Golthain, the Punished one, the tearful one, the faceless and diminished! His brethen’s crimes were not his! If he still had eyes, he would cry for the crimes of Golthagga, Chern, Kadum and Mormo! If he still possessed a body, he would scourge himself for the sins of Mesos, Gaurak, and Thulkas! If he still had hands, he would use them to heal the suffering of the world! But he is dead! The kindest of the titans, and he is the only one that is truly dead!"

– A preaching member of the Redeemers of Golthain

Golthain was one of the few titans that actually cared about living beings, and for being symphatetic to others, he got crippled by his fellow titans. He's the father of Hedrada.


The faceless titan and his eyes and ears

Golthain had a unique gift among titans, for he could project himself into the mind and senses of other creatures, giving him great insight into the world at the price of being able to know that life had meaning to them, and that the actions of his fellow titans had consequences... this may not sound like much of a price at first, but it meant he was the only titan who wasn't a solipsistic sociopath. When his fellow titans killed living beings or destroyed communities, Golthain felt their pain. Eventually he had enough, and when Kadum attempted to destroy the world flowers, a species of plant that grew taller than the mountains and created new colors, Golthain intervened. Kadum said that as he created them and had grown tired of them, he had the right to get rid of them, and called the other titans to punish Golthain. They each enacted their punishment, Mormo flaying apart the members of his favored race, the deryth, Kadum tearing his face off so that he could not see or hear, and Golthagga burning his flesh so he couldn't feel anything. Before Chern could inflict his punishment, Mesos intervened and told others to leave him as he was, with the others respecting his wishes. Golthain, despite having been stripped of his senses, learned to use other living beings as his eyes and ears, and becoming the patron living things on Scarn, offering them comfort in exchange for easing his own suffering.

During the Divine War, Golthain became more saddened and withdrawn, taking no side in the beginning of the war as he hated both sides and heading to the nothern wastes. Eventually however the other titans convince him to join their side as a spy, though it's unknown how effective he was. Eventually the gods captured him, and they were unsure what to do to, with Vangal calling for his death, and Madriel and Hedrada calling for mercy. Golthain, as the only titan, embraced Madriel's mercy, and gave himself over to Denev to be subsumed into her, dying a true death, and finally finding peace.


Despite being very much dead, there are a number of races that worship him, namely the deryth, bat devils, and shadowravens. A group of druids loyal to the titan, the Redeemers of Golthain, still worship the dead titan, mainly through self-flagellation and mutilation and undoing the evil of the titan in order to earn him forgiveness. Many also consider it a honor to become a host for a part of a deryth, or fully become one. Many of these redeemers are seen chanting, ranting, preaching and/or praying on street corners and marketplaces, carrying with them a list of names that they attempt to get people to sign. These lists are petitions for the gods to forgive the Golthain for his and his kins crimes. The druids are unable to cast druid spells above 2nd level, unless they undergo a special ritual, then they can cast spells up to 6th level.

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