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"Mess with the best, die like the rest"


– The Juggernaut (bitch)


– Sundowner

Gor-Rok aka The Great White Lizard is a Lizardmen special character from Warhammer Fantasy and is the dictionary definition of "Immovable object". He climbed out of the Spawning pools of Itza and proceeded to wreck face from the moment he started walking to the moment someone dropped a moon on him to stop him (but we don't talk about that).


Gor-Rok is young for a Lizardmen hero of his stature being only around 2000 years old (Kroq-Gar and Nakai are over 8000 and Lord Mazdamundi is even older), but even in this "short" amount of time Gor-Rok has kicked so much ass that there are thousands of beings in the after life with his foot imprinted on their backside, and even more have their heads caved in from his mace. He doesn't use subtlety when he fights as this is not the Gor-Rok way. His only tactic is to charge head first into the largest group of enemies smashing them aside to get to the enemy General, so he can smash them into the dirt. He has fought in hundreds of battles and taken wounds that should have killed him, but all that is left from these attacks are scars, as he seems to have a 2+/2++/2+++ (or just really good plot armour). Due to his importance to the great plan in some way, Gor-Rok gets to use the magical relics, the Mace of Ulumak, a great big beating stick that was built by an Old One and is said to be guided by the Old Ones when it is being used, and also The Shield of Aeons which is made of a Volcanic rock that took multiple generations of skink artisans to carve into its current form.

TL;DR: Gor-Rok is basically Lizardmen Smashfucker


Gor-Rok was spawned at the spawning pools of Itza and it was instantly noticed that he was unlike any other Saurus spawned before. He was a pale white and the only Saurus to be spawned from his pool which was pretty much unheard of, even Kroq-Gar was spawned with a few brothers like him at the same time. Since he was so unique the Slann took one look at Gor-Rok and went "Yep he's gonna be a great warrior" and sent him off to go see how great of a warrior. Gor-Rok along with a Lizardmen army was teleported by a Slann to Naggaroth to recover an artifact stolen by the Dark Elves. When the battle started Gor-Rok began to wade through the army like it was nothing killing everything that was in his way/attacked him/vaguely looked in his direction. This white, 8 and a half foot tall lizard that was flattening everything with pointy ears in front of him did draw the attention of the Dark Elf commander and Gor-Rok found himself being charged by the commanders war chariot. Most would have run, or at least moved out the way, but Gor-Rok is a (lizard) MAN and real men don't act in sensible or self preserving ways. Gor-Rok stood his ground, raised his shield and shattered the chariot, along with the commanders spine with a single swipe of his shield. He then went back to killing Knife ears and when a Dark Elf Champion impaled him with a spear, Gor-Rok pulled the spear further into him so the unfortunate bastard that just stabbed him was within bitch slapping range, only removing the spear after the battle was over.

This started a sort of trend for Gor-Rok as he would go into battles and be this unstoppable force that could not be pressured or opposed in battle, as he has gone on to challenge and kill Orc Warbosses, Chaos lords, Greater Daemons, an entire Ogre warband charging him and a lot of nastiness from the Dark Elves. He has also led a Charge of Stegadons into a Chaos hoard in the defense of Itza because whats the point in having dinosaurs in your military when you can't cause a large stampede to crush your enemies.

When he is not fighting he sits motionless in the highest pyramid of Itza, having all of his needs be sorted out by skinks (like some scaly NEET), only doing anything when he is ordered to war.



Gor-Rok is a respectable beat stick, with a Strength and toughness of 5 most infantry is going to have a problem putting a dent in him and with 4 attacks he's going to make sure any thing without a high toughness that did start the fight will begin to regret it very quickly. He has Stubborn and a 4+ armour save from Scaly Skin, which brings him to a total of 3+ with his shield. With his special rule Resilient he is immune to Killing Blow and all successful Wound rolls must be re-rolled. The Mace of Ulumak allows him to re-roll all failed hit-rolls but only in the first round and The Shield of Aeons removes all benefits from units which charges him. However he only has 2 wounds for some reason, meaning if he is hurt twice, or even once by something that does multiple wounds, he's done, and his Initiative is only 3 so against faster hitting units he could be in trouble. A good choice for any army but choose your engagements ( or hide him in a unit of Saurus Warriors).


The changes to Gor-Roks base stats in 8th a small but significant. Firstly he is now toughness 6 making him even more of a problem for low strength units to hurt, and he also gained Immune To Psychology. Resilient has also seen some changes, it still negates Killing Blow to doing 1 wound and it also changes all multi wound weapons that hit him to do 1 wound, but it has lost the rule forcing your opponent to re-roll successful wound rolls. His equipment has seen the most changes however, with the Mace of Ulumak re-rolling all failed hit rolls and generating 2 extra attacks from Predatory Fighter and it also generates these extra attacks on a 5 or 6. Very nice. The Shield of Aeons has also been buffed, giving him an extra 2 points on his Armour save pushing him up to a 2+. It also makes any enemy unit that successfully charges Gor-Rok must take a Dangerous Terrain test with a -1 penalty, as a final "fuck you" to any unit that charges him. Over all Gor-Rok is fairy strong in 8th and definitely worth considering.

Age of Sigmar[edit]

Gor-Rok hasn't returned in AoS but his model is still used as a generic lord called the Saurus Sunblood. Big beefy Lizards who give small buffs to surrounding Saurus but who's main goal is to walk into the enemy lines and ruin their day, so he's there in spirit.

Total War Warhammer[edit]

Along with The Hunter and The Beast DLC Gor-Rok was finally added as a FLC lord. He starts in Itza and with Lord McFucking Kroak right from the word go as well as a rite that makes all Saurus units unbreakable. He has the highest defense of any Lizardmen Lord and a huge defense against charges, making him the slow immovable object to the unstoppable killing potential that is Kroq-Gar. Which is not to say that Gor-Rok is not good at killing, he's an absolute beast in combat with both high melee defense and good melee attack. He's great at barrelling into most infantry units and enemy heroes, wiping them out while taking very little damage and serving as a one-lizard-frontline for your forces. His only real weakness is that he is painfully SLOW, meaning any unit that realizes it is in over its head can very easily get away from him, additionally he may have trouble fighting against high damaging units and lords (you put up a surprisingly good fight and win most times fighting Grimgor Ironhide.) But that's OK, because Gor-Rok will have Kroak to just motherfucking explode everything anyway.

Even in multiplayer, Gor-Rok is considered a value pick for his sheer tankiness for his cost. He is usually a great go-to and will win you a battle if you opponent focuses too much on him.