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Gorbels are an obscure monster from the early days of Dungeons & Dragons, possibly related to the more famous and intimidating beholder. Possessing only animalistic intelligence, a gorbel consists of a spherical body of leathery, red, boneless flesh, centered around a wide yet almost toothless mouth - they feed on carrion and vegetation, for the most part - with a "crown" of six eyestalks atop their "head" and two boneless, tentacle-like arms tipped with wicked claws dangling beneath. Mindlessly aggressive, they attack by savagely rending and clawing with their arms, which are suprisingly strong. They levitate through a strange lighter-than-air gas, which they produce internally - this reacts poorly when exposed to air, and causes them to explode like bombs if pierced by a bladed weapon or struck by a sharp jolt of magical energy.