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"Hammer God never understood Gorkamorka, never saw. Gorkamorka wants to fight forever, but the Hammer God doesn’t. Hammer God wants to build walls and towers and castles... But what’s the point of that if you never knock them over? Even the Chaos-things don’t understand. They think the point is to kill everyone, but then who’d be there to fight? Nobody understands but Ironjawz, because we’re the smartest and the toughest."

– Gordrakk, showing everyone that da humiez and da pointy eared gits don't have a monopoly on philosophy.

Gordrakk is the fist of Gork (no nancyin' about here with Mork) and essentially the lone iconic character for the Orruks (particularly the Ironjawz). He's also the closest thing to a central leader to Grand Alliance: Destruction as a whole, his army also including Grots, Ogors, Troggoths, and Gargants.

About Da Git[edit]

So this guy's supposed to be the equivalent of Ghazghkull and Grimgor Ironhide as "that one super-powerful Orc who's supposed to bring about the next great big WAAAGH!" And sure, he's well-equipped with a super-heavy suit of armor and magical axes that were supposedly broken from a legendary axe known as "Worldchoppa".

Gordrakk, though, shines versus the other two on a single factor: he's an actual character. Whereas Grimgor was a borderline mindless brute (one incredibly effective, all said and done.) and Ghazghul is essentially a walking plot point, the fist of Gork has been consistently shown to have fairly deep insights, to be more than "da greenest of dem all!".


Yes what is it?


Oh, yeah his "origin" story.

So the origins of Gordrakk are unknown, but one tale told by many in the Ironjawz tribe is that, Years ago during the early age of chaos, a powerful chaos warband grew tired of the local greenskins namely the ironjaw tribe, raiding everything that wasn't nailed down, so to counteract this they made a great citadel in order to keep the orks out. When they finished the citadel they witnessed something strange, the local ork tribes started to stand around the entire citadel and do nothing, suddenly a giant green fist smashed the entire citadel flat and killed everyone inside. When the dust cleared there stood a single ork megaboss. This Megaboss being Gordrakk, and as such he also earned his title "The Fist of Gork".