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"Hammer God never understood Gorkamorka, never saw. Gorkamorka wants to fight forever, but the Hammer God doesn’t. Hammer God wants to build walls and towers and castles... But what’s the point of that if you never knock them over? Even the Chaos-things don’t understand. They think the point is to kill everyone, but then who’d be there to fight? Nobody understands but Ironjawz, because we’re the smartest and the toughest."

– Gordrakk, showing everyone that da humiez and da pointy eared gits don't have a monopoly on philosophy.

Gordrakk is the fist of Gork (no nancyin' about here with Mork) and essentially the lone iconic character for the Orruks (particularly the Ironjawz). He's also the closest thing to a central leader to Grand Alliance: Destruction as a whole (at least until Kragnos came around), his army also including Grots ,Troggoths, Ogors, and Gargants.

About Da Git[edit]

So this guy's supposed to be the equivalent of Ghazghkull and Grimgor Ironhide as "that one super-powerful Orc who's supposed to bring about the next great big WAAAGH!" And sure, he's well-equipped with a super-heavy suit of armor and magical axes that were supposedly broken from a legendary axe known as "Worldchoppa".

Gordrakk, though, shines versus the other two on a single factor: he's an actual character. Whereas Grimgor was a borderline mindless brute (one incredibly effective, all said and done.) and Ghazghul is essentially a walking plot point, the fist of Gork has been consistently shown to have fairly deep insights, to be more than "da greenest of dem all!".


Yes what is it?


Oh, yeah his "origin" story.

So the origins of Gordrakk are unknown, but one tale told by many in the Ironjawz tribe is that, Years ago during the early age of chaos, a powerful chaos warband grew tired of the local greenskins namely the ironjaw tribe, raiding everything that wasn't nailed down, so to counteract this they made a great citadel in order to keep the orks out. When they finished the citadel they witnessed something strange, the local ork tribes started to stand around the entire citadel and do nothing, suddenly a giant green fist smashed the entire citadel flat and killed everyone inside. When the dust cleared there stood a single ork megaboss. This Megaboss being Gordrakk, and as such he also earned his title "The Fist of Gork". At some point after that, he got control of a Maw-Krusha that he named Bigteef and made his personal mount.

As of late, he worked on finding the biggest siege weapon around. Why? Because he thinks Hammerboy’s gone soft, and wants to lay siege to Azyr itself. He succeeded in finding that weapon, uncovering the skull of a massive bovine Godbeast and using to make an unstoppable (in theory) battering ram, one so big, it had to be carried and wielded by Gargants. He also recruited every member of the Forces of Destruction that he can.

Showing he's smarter than the aver-age Orruk, Gordrakk resolved to attack the city of Excelsis, both to take his new battering ram for a test drive AND to draw as many humans as possible for an even better fight. Gordrakk's WAAAAGH! was soon joined by Skragrott the Loonking, who had a prophecy that in order to become the ultimate champion of Gorkamorka, Gordrakk had to gather three items of arcane power: the skull of a Godbeast, the Basha Shard (a shard of Gorkamorka's club), and the "Golden Amulet" that would make him invincible.

Gordrakk and Skragrott invaded the Tuskvault where the Basha Shard was hidden, but the Fyreslayer and Stormcast defenders of the Stormvault collapsed the roof, burying it under piles of rubble. Although Skragrott wanted to excavate the artifact, Gordrakk's impatience soon took the better of him and he decided he could take Excelsis without it. Skragrott sent the Fungoid-Cave Shaman Snazzgar Stinkmullet to convince Gordrakk otherwise, quickly leading to Snazzgar's death.

On the way, Gordrakk's army encountered the newly awoken Kragnos and his ragtag group of Mega-Gargants in the ruins of Donse. Both Gordrakk and Kragnos each resolved to kill the other, Gordrakk due to seeing Kragnos as a great foe to fight and Kragnos mad at the Greenskin army massing on his ancestral homeland. The resulting fight was fierce, with Kragnos beating Bigteef unconscious, Gordrakk climbing Kragnos' body to headbutt his face and a landslide that briefly buried them both. But soon the two recognized a mutual respect and a shared foe in Excelsis.

Gordrakk's battering ram would've worked but for the enchantments of Lord Kroak, and it shattered upon impact with the main gate of Excelsis. Gordrakk was hurled from the top of it and knocked out for awhile. With Gordrak and Bigteef off-form from the battering ram's explosion and the fight with Kragnos respectively, the arrival of Morathi's reinforcements and Kragnos being tricked into leaving the city, Gordrakk's Waaagh! began to fall apart. A grot Shroomancer claiming to be possessed by the will of Mork chastised Gordrakk for ruining the plan to conquer Excelsis with his impatience, claiming he was too brutal but not kunnin' enough and he needed to be both if he was to become not just the Fist of Gork, but the Fist of Gorkamorka. Gordrakk noted that the grot "talked too zoggin' much for a god" and killed him, revealing that he was in truth possessed by the ghost of Snazzgar. A Bonesplitter watching the altercation approached and told Gordrakk the grot was right and that he must find the "Mouth of Mork", because "Two heads is better than one." from personal experience. Gordrakk agreed with this suggestion, and wandered off after saying a simple "Thanks, Gork" as unlike the previous speaker, that Bonesplitter really was possessed by the will of Gork.

Ultimately Gordrakk had a good fight at Excelsis but was eventually driven off after realizing the siege was lost. However it looks like he is on a course to meet up with the newly invigorated Kruleboyz, who have all the cunning he's been lacking. Especially since the Mouth of Mork shaman is seeking him out.

Gordrakk is currently invading the Eightpoints, after hearing rumors that Archaon is close to finding a way to open the Gates of Azyr. He sees in this both a way to get to his long-awaited fight with the Hammer God and a nice warm-up before that.

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