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Whether you know it or not, you're probably using his boyz.

Most OnG players don't tend to need much lore explanation for mixing the varieties of greenskins together, since the only way to have a "competitive" army is to use ample Orcs and Goblins (pottery). But luckily, for those who DO give a fuck, there exists a character who can make your standard comp list fluffy (albeit through a model that's OOP and hard to find). Enter Gorfang Rotgut, a character from the Warhammer Fantasy army for Orcs & Goblins that was created for 3rd edition, making him a fairly early character (the first lore that stuck was only in 2e).

It's worth noting that, despite being a largely forgotten and unmentioned bit of lore, Rotgut does make an appearance as the leader of the non-playable Red Fang tribe in Total War: Warhammer.

The Legend[edit]

Deep in the mountain ranges of the Stunties Dwarfs a Hold called Black Crag was destroyed by greenskins, like just about any other Dwarf Hold in Warhammer. Since then the tribes have squabbled over it until the Red Fang tribe wound up in control, under the chieftain named Gorfang Rotgut who lead the Red Fangs into absorbing the other tribes. Rotgut was an experienced warrior who specializes in Stunties Dwarfs and fought many battles against them beforehand, having lost an eye which was replaced by a scrap of iron like an eyepatch. Gorfang has gotten a fairly massive chip on his shoulders towards the race, about the size of one in fact. In a battle against one of the surviving nearby Karaks, Karak Azul (gee, I wonder what color you should paint them), Gorfang kidnapped the family of the Thane Kazador. The son was shaved (so basically castrated times ten), tattooed with Gorfang's name (or at least the closest thing Orcs can recognize to a written name), and crucified on the throne. He escaped back to his father, but the experience broke his mind somewhat. The rest of the family remained as Gorfang's living trophies.

Where does Gorfang become important in the grander Warhammer setting? He made a deal with Skarsnik, his next door neighbor over in the Karak Eight-Peaks. Through Gorfang and his huge clan of diverse Orcs, Skarsnik gained access to all types of Orcs and through Skarsnik, Gorfang (and by extension basically any other Orc Warboss) gained Night Goblins and everything they possess (so everything that's best in the army other than your generic redshirt Orcs and a Black Orc to slap them around).

Oh yeah, he also defended Black Crag against Clan Mors and a throng of Slayers from Karak Azul, not to mention he humiliated and beat the shit out of Queek Head-Taker in combat in a very one-sided duel.

Other than that, he just sits on his ass on the throne of the thane under the black mountain getting drunk and fat.

His weapons had fairly basic lore.

  • The Red Fang was either named after the tribe or the tribe is named after the weapon, either way it is the symbol of leadership for rulers of Black Crag.
  • Evil Sun Armor is a set of armor including a shield bearing the old Warhammer symbol of evil (originally Chaos and Orcs as well as Citadel Miniatures, later just Orcs until they dropped it in favor of a generic symbol vaguely looking like an Orc face) which is an angry looking sun.


Gorfang's story gets a detailed ending in the novel Thorgrim by David Guymer. In it, King Kazador of Karak Azul is said to be besieging the Black Crag. There are also flashbacks to Gorfang being present 50 years earlier when Thorgrim Grudgebearer assisted King Belegar in establishing a foothold in Karak Eight Peaks. However, Gorfang sneakily appears with an army to attack Karak Eight Peaks (with objections from Skarsnik) and leads an all out attack on the Dwarf enclave. Fortunately for the dawi, Thorgrim had arrived with a huge army 2 scenes earlier (assumedly just after leaving Tyrion at Nagashizar). Gorfang ultimately duels Belagar (and his wife), tanks a bolt thrower shot to the back, and then sees Thorgrim's throne. Blinded by greed over that much gold, he accepts Thorgrim's challenge and the two smack each other around until Gorfang's sword is shattered, his hand is cut off, and after taking a moment to rip Gorfang's crown off, Thorgrim executes him.

Another, briefer version exists in the 8th edition dwarf army book, in which Thorgrim attacks Black Crag, kills Gorfang, saves some of Kazador's family and presents him with the Orc's head. This version is probably the official one, but the novel gives him a much better send off.

The End Times[edit]

Despite being dead, he reappears in the End Times only to be killed by Thorgrim again, and Thorgrim gives his head to King Kazador again.

You probably shouldn't read too much into it considering how sloppily the End Times were written.

On The Tabletop[edit]

Gorfang had a model, and rules in 3rd edition. Given the change in Orc model size over the years he will look pretty weedy compared to a more recent army. Seriously, following the fluff in the Thorgrim novel, an AoS Megaboss would be about the right size. Just give him an Ogre/Ogor blade or any other large sword for his Red Fang and kitbash an Evil Sun shield using spare Greenskin bits and a circle base.

As for Gorfang's army, just stick him in your average comp list. Night Gobbos, redshirt standard Orcs, maybe some Snotlings if you want.

Costs 90 points. Has access to all the same mount options as other Orc Warbosses (Boar for 8 points, Boar Chariot, Wolf Chariot, or any monster you have access to that can be ridden).

M4, WS5, BS5, S5, T5, W3, I4, A3, LD8.

Gorfang has Light Armor and a Shield, and can take any two Magic Items you have access to.

Has Hatred: Dwarfs.

Total War: Warhammer[edit]

Added as the leader of the (non-playable) Red Fang Tribe as an Easter Egg by Creative Assembly, he actually starts the game with promise, controlling the infamous Orc fortress of Black Crag... only to immediately lose it to Grimgor Ironhide, a much more popular Orc character and the main playable character for the Greenskins, in the tutorial battle which many don't bother to play. His faction becomes the first foe Grimgor destroys in the campaign, but if you don't actually kill him and confederate with the Red Fangs, you may recruit him as a lord (which has been made much easier since the Greenskins gained the Norscan confederation mechanic). It is worth noting that the reason why Grimgor destroys Gorfang in the first place is because Gorfang decided to mouth off and insult Grimgor by saying "Ee's not dat mean, I could take 'im and krump dat git."


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