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Gorum, the Lord in Iron
Gorum holy symbol.jpg
Sword in Mountain
Aliases Our Lord in Iron
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Divine Rank God
Pantheon Golarion
Portfolio Strength, Battle, Weapons
Domains Chaos, Destruction, Glory, Strength, War, Blood, Duels, Ferocity, Protean, Rage, Resolve, Tactics
Home Plane Elysium
Worshippers Soldiers, mercenaries, brigands, barbarians, half-orcs, savages
Favoured Weapon Greatsword


– The closest thing to a prayer his barbarian followers scream before battle, and constantly shoughted by Amiri in the kingmaker PC game

Ever wonder what Khorne would be like if he had some baseline standards and ethics to balance out his love of war, had genuine honor instead of just posturing, and was more of a rival to Tzeentch than having a mutual hatred with him?

Well, that's this guy. Plus, he's more practical when it comes to ranged weapons (though still prefers melee).

Gorum is the obligatory warrior god of Pathfinder, taking most of his inspiration from Conan the Barbarian's god Crom. Gorum is a mix of the better halves of both Garagos and Tempus of Forgotten Realms, and also mostly analogous to D&D's Kord minus the good sportsmanship aspect, as that belongs to a more minor bro-tier god named Kurgess... No, instead Gorum is about FIGHTIN' AN' WINNIN'!

Gorum is a big guy. (FOR YOU.) Should Gorum appear before anyone, anywhere, anytime Gorum will always be THE BIGGEST GUY. Big enough his herald dragging something left a 3/4 mile wide path in Numeria (which, ironically enough, serves as the only roadway in that land, meaning he has made more there than Abadar). Like other big guys, Gorem also wears a mask... or, more precisely, a great helm. His face is never visible, only his fierce, blazing red eyes can be seen through the helm. The rest of his gigantic body is similarly encased in heavy armor.

Gorum was not always around like most of these other pansy gods, he did not come into being until far later in Golarion's history when the orcs, driven out from the Darklands by the dwarves, first began to come into direct mass and bloody conflict with humans. Legends state that Gorum arose from a suit of iron armor left on a desolate battlefield after the fighting had ended, willed into being by conflict itself, and should conflict ever cease he would rust away into nothingness. Needless to say he doesn't have much to worry about in the protracted future.

As noted above, he has some similarities to Khorne, which is fitting given that they were both inspired by the same god, Crom. Both love nothing better than a good fight, give their favor to strong warriors (the more armored the better), and frown on ranged weapons and especially magic. But where Khorne is usually Chaotic Evil incarnate ("it matters not from where the blood flows, only that it flows"), Gorum, while not a paragon of virtue and usually said to care nothing for morality, does have his standards; he hates assassins and pointless degradation (hence his hostility to Norgorber and Urgathoa), and doesn't approve of senseless slaughter of the weak and defenseless. He and Nethys are rivals, but there's some mutual respect as well, unlike with Khorne and Tzeentch. For another difference, where Khorne cares little if his followers throw their lives away for him in bulk, Gorum prefers warriors to live to fight another day so they can keep growing stronger. The Pathfinder being who better resembles Khorne in characterization is Szuriel, the Horseman of War, who Gorum opposes despite their both being war gods.

His home base is in Elysium, despite being his Chaotic Neutral rather than Chaotic Good. The implication is that it's a reward for services rendered. Again, this guy is basically a nicer/more nuanced Khorne.


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