Grand Alliance: Chaos

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Because leaving a job half-finished isn't his style (and to continue his streak of being more successful than some other prominent chosen of Chaos), Archaon the Everchosen returns on a cool dragon to give the middle finger to Sigmar and bring Chaos to all the Realms.


Beastmen minus named characters.

Chaos Gargants[edit]

Chaos Giants. Same as normal Gargants, just a bit hornier.


Archaon and his Varanguard entourage.

Forces of the Great Horned Rat[edit]

Replaced the captured Slaanesh as the fourth Chaos god, with Skavenblight moved in between the Warp and 8 realms. Each Skaven Clans became a clan type in Age of Sigmar.

The Clans Eshin -

The Clans Moulder -

The Clans Pestilens - Allies with Nurglites for the moment.

The Clans Skryre -

The Clans Verminus -

Masterclan -

Blades of Khorne[edit]

Daemons of Khorne -

Khorne Bloodbound - Bloody Warriors of Chaos with bloody Khornate theme.

Maggotkin of Nurgle[edit]

Daemons of Nurgle -

Nurgle Rotbringers -

Disciples of Tzeentch[edit]

Daemons of Tzeentch -

Tzeentch Arcanites -

Hosts of Slaanesh[edit]

Split into Slaanesh loyalists, Archaon-worshipping daemons and factions of usurpers.

Monsters of Chaos[edit]

Assorted Chaos beasties. Also Centigors, for some reason...?

Slaves to Darkness[edit]

Classic Chaos Warriors and Marauders go here, with a fair bit of room to synergise due to being able to choose their deity keyword. Still technically includes good stuff like the Chaos War Mammoth.


Dragon Ogres.