Grand Alliance: Destruction

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Led by that big git Megaboss Gordrakk of the Ironjawz, the Grand Alliance of Destruction is comprised of terrible beasties from all across the realms, joined by their affinities to Gorkamorka. Primarily dominates the Realm of Ghur.

Aleguzzler Gargants[edit]

You spot a huge, terrifying, slobbering giant, wielding what appears to be a fairly venerable tree and about to turn you into tomato puree. What is the first thing you remember? Their fondness for drink, apparently. Named after their tendency to MUI (Murder Under the Influence), Aleguzzler Gargants spend their days getting completely wasted and then wandering into battlefields. They then stagger around the mayhem, plucking out strange meats and eating it on the go (like your local kebab shop) or shoving it down their pants for safekeeping (again, like your local kebab shop). Forgeworld has the Bonegrinder Giant, which is bigger, meaner, and drunker, like your dad. Tactics page here.


As sneaky and crafty as ever. Now even further down the green totem pole with even bigger greenskins about.

Gitmob - Every Grot faction has a thing, and the Gitmob's thing is wolves. Even apart from Wolf Chariots and Wolf Riders, the Gitmob gets the most units out of the little greens, and more of an ability to make a balanced army. Led by Shamans (who can also ride wolves), as well as Goblin (Grot?) Warbosses who can also ride wolves, they have some fun artillery pieces and the trollish Nasty Skulkers in their arsenal. Also... Snotlings, I guess. Tactics page here.

Moonclan - As before, these gents are generally still fanatical, squig-humping nutters. Have access to the Colossal Squig, when it takes a break from eating them. Tactics page here.

Scuttlings - Weird Grots with four legs. You'd think that these half-spider gits would be in with that Spiderfang lot, but nope. Get poison and web attacks. A bunch took a severely wrong turn and unfortunately ended up in Tzeentch's Silver Tower.

Spiderfang - Spider-botherers. You get a spider, and you get a spider! Everybody gets a spider! Their Big Bosses ride atop gigantic spiders, and they have access to the mighty Arachnarok Spider. Also, lots of lovely poison attacks. Tactics page here.

Gloomspite Gitz - A loose coalition of the Moonclans, Spiderfangs, Troggoths (and Gargants) that all worships the Bad Moon. Current posterboys of the Destruction faction. Tactics page here.


The fat bastards are back, and in a fair few flavours! Apart from their old kingdoms, the big lugs remain the same - hungry, belligerent and fat.

Beastclaw Raiders - Ogors riding big monsters, eternally chased by an enchanted winter. Wherever they go, shrinkage occurs. Have a total of one Ogor unit that isn't mounted on something big and nasty, with everything else being additional beasties to support them. Outdated tactics for these frosty boys here.

Ogor Mawtribes - Ogre Kingdoms, now in Travelling Packages! Contains all the old Ogre units (including the Beastclaw Raiders) and a host of different tribes, like the Underguts who are pale and love cannons. Firebellies and Maneaters are featured here as well. You can find their tactics here: Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Destruction/Ogor Mawtribes.


Still green. Still mean. Still ready to Waaagh!

Greenskinz - Oh, how the Boyz have fallen. This faction is comprised of the dregs of the Orruks, mashed into the category of "Greenskins". Led by Warbosses, who are probably a bit cheesed off that they've shifted down a couple of notches on the green scale. Better kick that Grot extra hard to relieve your size envy issues when them Ironjawz lads start laughing at you and your stunty mates. On the bright side, your army is more balanced, with decent ranged options and the choice of having your Warboss ride a Wyvern or Warboar. You've also got lighter (and cheaper) cavalry and chariots to play with, at that. You also have a good bank of old school Orc Warboss special characters to draw from in the Orcs and Goblins Compendium on the GW website. In terms of fluff, these guys are basically the recruiting pool for the other two Orruk factions. Particularly 'ard lads get a bunch of armour scraped together and go off to be footmen for the Ironjawz as 'ardboyz. Gits that feel the call of the Waaaagh! a bit too much or kill a big monster and go a bit mental afterwards go and wander for a bit until they find some Bonesplitterz. Tactics page here.

Bonesplitterz - The "savage" Orruks. Because your run-of-the-mill Orruk wants to drink tea and discuss politics, right? The Bonesplitterz are led by shamans (Wurrgog Prophets and Wardoks), who point them to big and mean monsters to kill and eat in order to consume their strength. You see, the Bonesplitterz believe that Gorkamorka's strength is squirreled away in the living shells of big monsters, meaning that they need to RIP AND TEAR! They have a bunch of options for taking out Monster units on the table, which is handy if your opponent thinks he's clever for spamming them. These guys are as naked as the day they were spawned, with only strategically-placed trophies covering their spore sacks. They have a thing for magical tattoos, which have a chance of saving their green skins from getting mulched. Tactics page here.

Ironjawz - Remember those dead 'ard Black Orc gits from way back when? Those are the Ironjawz' basic troops. Yeah. These are the biggest and the baddest Orruks, and the "main" Destruction faction. They wear a crap-ton of armour, and generally their bigger lads seem to be the fantasy answer to Warhammer 40k's Meganobz. Also present: huge, beasty dragon things called Mawkrushas, who share the Orruk traits of headbutting things until they stop moving, and then sitting on them. With Grimgor gone, Megaboss Gordrakk has big boots to fill. Luckily, he's got some big feet, which are ready for stompin'. You're quite slow (which is deceptively to your advantage as you have a massive potential charge range) and no ranged options whatsoever, barring the shout attack that Mawkrushas get. Tactics page here.


Includes the Sourbreath (stupid), Rockgut (magic resistant), and Fellwater (bulimic). All of them spew buckets at the drop of a hat and melt anyone stupid enough to stand in front of it. Have the Troll (Troggoth?) Hag as a Leader option, so that you may seduce your opponent with the delicate sway of her sausage-like tits. Tactics page here.


Swamp rapists return! This time with less rape, hopefully.

The Fimir originate from Ghyran on an island called Peel and appear to be virtually the same outside of the abandonment of pseudo-celtic names for their society. Instead of a Maergh they follow a Matriarch, which seems to follow the exact same idea. They live on a shitty island and appear to have completely been abandoned by Chaos, again. Their survival into the new realms means that someone had to have re-seeded them, though whether it was a pity move by the Chaos Gods or just because they like to watch them suffer in their eternal role as the red-headed stepchild is unknown.

They've tossed themselves in with the Grand Alliance of Destruction instead of aligning with Chaos, possibly either having forgotten their origins or just tired of playing second fiddle in Chaos' eyes. They don't appear to breed by rape or anything of the sort anymore as their warscroll specifically refers to them being hatched from eggs.


Gorkamorka - The combined form of Gork and Mork, mirroring the true potential of the numerous Destruction races when united under a common cause/iron fist. Otherwise, when they're divided and fighting, Gork and Mork split and fight each other too. The Orruks worship him by assaulting bulwarks of civilisation, leaving great effigies in his image cobbled together from lumber, scrap and dung. To the Gutbuster Ogors, he is The Great Beast who will Consume the World, and they worship him by working towards eating everything within the Mortal Realms. The Firebelly tribes revere him as the Sun-eater, and honour him by eating as much combustible material as possible to incinerate their enemies with flaming breath.

Gork - Brutal but cunnin'. Will hit you hard when you're not looking.

Mork - Cunnin' but brutal. Will hit you even harder when you are.

Bad Moon - The deity of those sneaky Moonclan Grot (and Gloomspite Gitz). They believe that Gorkamorka tried to take a bite out of the Bad Moon and broke his teef, which rained down upon the Mortal Realms and became the mountains in which they dwell.

The Spider-god - Worshipped by the venomous Spiderfang Grots. Bit Gorkamorka on the toe and took on some of his divine essence as a result.

Balor - Daemon Prince worshipped by Fimir.

Kroll - Daemon Prince worshipped by Fimir.

Lisaart - Daemon Prince worshipped by Fimir.

Morr - Worshipped by Fimir.