Grav-Attack Tank

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The Deoderant Dispenser Land Speeder, later rechristened the Grav-Attack Tank, is a scratch built vehicle made by Rick Priestley back in Rogue Trader era, and published in a 'Eavy Metal article. Whether the deoderant was actually used is a matter of some speculation, but I must say, the result looks fucktastic.

Protip- If you really want to replicate the original Grav-Attack Tank in exacting detail, you can find all the weapons and miscellaneous parts from TOMY's Zoids model kits: The main gun, side tanks, and radar dish came from the Guysak model, while the three-barreled blaster thingy behind the cockpit came from the top turret of a Zaber Fang.

On the Tabletop[edit]

Yes, you could have once fielded this glorious thing, if you wanted. Chapter Approved 2001 gave it stats, using it as an example of what you could make with the Vehicle Design Rules.

Pts Front armor Side armor Rear armor BS
Grav-Attack Tank: 165 12 11 11 3

The Grav-Attack Tank is a heavy support tank, with normal movement speed, the Skimmer option, and has a Lascannon and a Missile Launcher.

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