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A Flying Golden Bawks unloading its Golden Men.

The Grav-Rhino AKA The Flying Metul Bawks was an experimental prototype of the famed Rhino created during the Great Crusade and exclusive only to the Emperor's Shining Banana Men and his retinue of Scary Anti-Psyker Ladies. As you might already know, the Grav-Rhino unlike conventional METAL BOXES makes use of anti-gravitic plates that are usually found on vehicles such as the Land Speeder. These plates allow the vehicle to hover off the ground and to fly for short distances. The Grav-Rhino used large propulsion engines to move around once it was in the air. It is believed that showcasing the Grav-Rhino to a certain particular Chaos Lord with an affinity to Metal Boxes will send him in a rage so strong it would give him a Chaotic seizure.

The Grav-Rhino would be replaced in Custodian service by the larger, better armoured and more gunned Coronus Grav Carrier, while the Sisters would supplement their own with the Kharon Pattern Acquistor. And with the Primaris comes their version, the Impulsor. We would not be surprised if the Impulsor was just what was left of the Grav-Rhinos after all the gold was stripped off to be reused for ornamental statuary in the Imperial Palace.


The Battle of the Webway commence. It is not known whether crashing the Grav-Rhinos into enemy forces was considered a unconventional form of STEEL RHEIN!

It is believed by some Imperial scholars that the Grav-Rhino was built with a specific purpose in mind, and some believe this purpose was to allow the vehicle, and the Custodes it carried, to travel into the Imperial Webway portal secretly created by the Emperor after he left the Great Crusade in the command of the Fucking Horus and which was located deep beneath the Imperial Palace.

The Silent Sisterhood cruisin the Webway with their pimpin ride.

The Imperial Webway portal lacked a conventional vehicle-accessible ramp (Must be giant staircases), and so vehicles would have had to fly or walk into the portal. During the Siege of the Imperial Palace by the Forces of Chaos, the Webway, which had been accidentally destroyed by the Primarch Magnus the Red as he tried to warn the Emperor of Horus' treachery, was flooded with daemons trying to break into the Palace. The Emperor was able to close off the portal, but only after the Legio Custodes and the Sisters of Silence were able to push back the daemons, including a Greater Daemon of Khorne in a tsunami of golden men and ladies with nipple armour. It was during this battle, known as the War Within the Webway, that the Grav-Rhino was first used in combat as the vehicle was able to quickly transport Custodes and Sisters into and through the corridors of the Webway, and was also able to help evacuate the Mechanicus workers that were constructing the Terran extension into the Webway within the confines of the Labyrinthine Dimension.

It is believed that the Grav-Rhino is no longer used by the Adeptus Custodes, as they have far better vehicles now.


The Grav-Rhino was a variant of the standard Deimos Pattern Rhino, which was used by the Space Marine Legions. The vehicle's only weapons were two turret-mounted Bolters, which were controlled remotely from inside the vehicle.

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