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A tongue within a tongue; gives new meaning to the word "Taste Testing". (WE)

Great Unclean Ones are the Greater Daemons of Nurgle, and the third most disgusting things to inhabit the Warp (Nurgle is second; Typhus holds the top spot). Great Unclean Ones are bloated, disgusting things that are half decayed to the point that they can barely move. They are masters of germ warfare, creating horrific plagues that can decimate whole worlds in days. Despite this, Great Unclean Ones are jovial, happy beings who see themselves as spreading the gifts of Father Nurgle to the people of galaxy. Great Unclean Ones are created in the image of Nurgle himself, and are often seen as extensions of his personality.

They are usually equipped with the most cankerous of Doomsday Bells to herald the coming (And potential head-bashing) of the Grandpapy Nurgle. But when they want something truly dead, they usually carry around a Bilesword or a Great Plague Flail.

Fun fact: They're apparently the only daemons that show examples of reproduction in the fluff, as nurglings sprout from them from time to time (given that Ku'Gath was once a nurgling that grew up into a Great Unclean One, that counts). Maybe it's because Grandpa Nurgle is also a god of rebirth and life. Apparently, they're capable of breeding with humans too, given that one of the newest Warhammer Fantasy Nurgle characters Orghotts Daemonspew had a Great Unclean One for a father and a human for a mother. Have fun imagining how that worked.

Known Great Unclean Ones[edit]

  • Botchulaz: He claimed to have fought the Emperor during the Great Crusade. After the Horus Heresy he was imprisoned on Aerius by the Eldar, with the key to opening his temple broken into three pieces by the Space Wolves, the Imperial Guard, the Inquisition. Later unleashed a horrific plague on the planet to free himself, but was stopped by Ragnar Blackmane.
  • Ku'Gath Plaguefather: The Dervish word for "Soiled Rectum", Formerly a Nurgling, Ku'Gath was on Papa Nurgle's shoulder while he was making his magnum opus: the most potent toxin ever to exist. Ku'Gath however, accidentally fell into the cauldron containing the toxin and proceeded to drink the contents until it was empty. Being a cool guy: Nurgle didn't mind that his creation was lost and actually laughed upon seeing Ku'Gath's transformation, becoming the living avatar of his master creation. Ku'Gath however, felt bad that he deprived Papa Nurgle of his greatest work and decided to go on a self-imposed penance crusade by invading the materium and attempting to re-create the toxic miracle that created him. This guilt has also left Ku'Gath very sombre and serious (not unlike Mortarion, really. Except with slightly less self-loathing.), whereas most GUOs are jovial and happy. In Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Ku'Gath was said to have assaulted the Dwarf capital Karaz-a-Karak during the Coming of Chaos and later during the End Times.
  • Scabeiathrax: One of Nurgle's most favored servants and the most powerful GUO. Carries "The Blade of Decay", a sword so corrosive that a scratch from it is capable of rapidly causing its victim to rot away in mere moments.
  • Ulkair: A Great Unclean One who was imprisoned on Aurelia by Azariah Kyras. Ulkair is the main antagonist of Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising. Famous in the DoW fandom for being the toughest boss in the series due to his sheer durability.
  • Rotigus Rainmaker, the Generous One: A new Great Unclean One character added as part of the Nurgle Daemons release in January 2018. He is worshiped by mortals as a fertility god, and answers their prayers in the twisted way you'd expect, like answering a request to make sterile livestock breed by causing them to give birth to mutants or ending a drought by causing rains of diseased filth. The putrid rainstorm that surrounds him is called Nurgle's Deluge, which in tabletop manifests as an unique spell in Age of Sigmar and the ability to cause bonus mortal wounds with psychic powers in 40k.
  • Septicus Seven: A Great Unclean One that participated in the Plague Wars. Faced Roboute Guilliman during the invasion of the world Parmenio. Killed by the Primarch and received True Death due to Guilliman wielding the Emperor's Sword.


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