Green Mujahideen

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Green Mujahideen (alt: Strugglers, Janissaries)
Jihadboi - Copy.jpg
Battle Cry Allahu Akbar!
Founding Cursed Founding
Successors of Ultramarines
Homeworld Bahremen, Feral Desert World
Strength Standard; no longer produce Black Carapace
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Dark Green, Bone Shoulders, Red Weapon Trim

A /tg/ chapter based on the Mujahideen and Islam in general. They're a Cursed Founding successor of the Ultramarines who follow the teachings of the Kutayib al-Muharib (Warrior's Handbook, their 'codex'). This document was handed down to them from Roboute Guilliman himself (pbuh), and it contains the words of Allah-upon-Terra exactly as transcribed by him.

They live in the East and fight Tau quite frequently. They have a particular distaste for their worthless secularism. They have a good relationship with an Inquisitor who only goes by Lawrence. This is fortunate: recently their geneseed was damaged, and they can no longer produce the Black Carapace. Thus Ignatus-pattern Inquisition power armor has been used as a holdover until they can figure out how to repair their DNA.


The fortress-mosque of Al-Hembra spreads across the mountains just visible from the largest settlement on Bahremen. The sun orders the day:

Heat cracks the stone and scorches the air.

Burning wind carves out its sculpted shapes in rock and rolling sand.

The Astartes of the Mujahideen mark the passing star. Rise and set. Dawn noon and dusk.

The bells shudder the sand and the canticles to the God-Emperor drift down to the populace, the daily marker of the strange guardian angels who take their sons to the sky. Stories of the elders tell of a mighty palace with beautiful gardens and libraries and observatories, baths and tiled halls in cavernous rooms, all hidden behind fierce defenses. Their metal dragons flit about the mountain passes and wash the shepherds in their roar, strong but protective.

The Strugglers live on an isolated world in the eastern fringe. It is a desert, nearly inhospitable except to the hardy nomad tribes who wander the land or those with the technology to settle. More temperate mediterranean climates exist near bodies of water, but they are few. This is a place destined for conflict over water, mounts, prestige; clans battle and raid constantly. But it is not without its beauty. A highly refined poetic tradition exists on this world, as well as strangely geometric art and architecture (most sects of the Imperial Cult on this world consider creating an image of a living being to be heresy). The harsh conditions breed strong recruits for the Brotherhoods, but they are not merely muscled goons. They have a deep spiritual and artistic connection to the God Emperor whom they serve, Allah Upon Terra, the Merciful, the Wise. It is even said that in past times, before the Dark Heresy, Bahremen was a place of great knowledge and scientific understanding, all brought by the Reason and Wisdom of the God Emperor.

The Brotherhoods[edit]

A Mamluk captain with adamantine chain-carapace and power weapons.

Force organization is quite non-standard among the Green Mujahideen. Instead of companies, they have amorphously-sized Brotherhoods. Each recruit goes through scout training as normal, but is then parceled off to whichever Brotherhood he is most closely related to based on his home family. So indeed, many Battle Brothers are brothers, though more often cousins, as the patriarchs and matriarchs of Bahremen are loathe to give up more than a single son, even to the Angels of Allah-Upon-Terra Himself.

They keep in contact with their birth families, though rarely, as they may be on Jihad for many years at a time. The average person of Bahremen does not fully comprehend the Astartes and many find their mighty aspect too powerful to behold. Still, they are family, and they must be treated as such. (This also means that homeworld tribal conflict can cause tensions amid the Brotherhoods, though the imams do their best to maintain peace and filial love.)

The jinn are pernicious on Bahremen. Those who commune with them are dangerous soothsayers at best and vile sorcerors at worst. Astartes of the Green Mujahideen with pronounced psychic abilities are trained only to control and rein in their powers. They guard the minds of their comrades but do not dare reach deep into the realm of the jinn for fear of their devilish tactics. As such, the chapter does not have true Librarians.

The Chapter does employ a great deal of auxiliary troops, 'mamluks' whom they take from worlds they pass while on jihad as slave soldiers or serfs. These are children raised by other mamluks into a life of service for Allah-on-Terra. Typically they are the orphans of traitors and heretics; loyal Imperial servants are not forced to submit their offspring in most circumstances.

Other Chapter Customs[edit]

Chapter Symbols

Traditionally, each Battle Brother of the Green Mujahideen must make a pilgrimage to Holy Terra at least once in his life. Generally a pilgrimage is organized when a new company of Scouts is inducted into its Brotherhood. The Custodes find the practice primitive and silly, but they are generally accommodating and admire the devotion of the Strugglers. They are permitted to join hands and move in circles around the base of His Holy Throne, chanting in time with the astropathic choirs of the Astronomican. It can take many days to complete a circle around the massive dias. They also visit an ancient black meteorite held in the art galleries of the Palace, and travel to the Garden of the Primarchs to throw rocks and sometimes shoes at the plinth where Horus' statue once stood.

Chaplains are known to the Strugglers as "imams," and they generally provide the same role of spiritual guidance to the brothers as in their cousin chapters. However, they prefer curved power swords and relic blades to the crozius arcanum.

Their chapter master is known as a Caliph; however, the Brotherhoods disagree on who it actually is. Millenia ago, there was a great debate as to who should be Roboute Guilliman(pbuh)'s successor (according to tradition). Each Company of the Legion Chapter that was to form the Green Mujahideen had their own candidate who claimed to have the true spiritual guidance of the stasis-frozen Primarch. Several duels, battles, and assassinations occurred until most Brotherhoods agreed that the true Caliph was waiting in the Warp for Guilliman to return. However, this is not a view shared by all. Two Brotherhoods believe that Marneus Calgar is the Caliph. One other has had their own Caliph for the last five millenia. He is now interred in a dreadnought and kept asleep except for the negotiation of major policies, crimes, or divorce proceedings on Bahremen. He was famed for his hatred of Orks.

Space ISIS[edit]

'The Caliphate of the Imperial State will not rest until the infidels have been removed. Even now the pernicious (((Eldar))) wield their influence in the halls of Terra. Join me brothers in eradicating all threat to the True Belief.'

Dark rumours flourish in the wake of the Great Rift. A Brotherhood of the holy Janissaries, corrupted by the break in reality. The Brotherhood have established their own heretical empire based on the words of a teacher called "Lorgar." They call it the Imperial State of the Ultima Segmentum (ISUS), and decry the God-Emperor as a false idol, a replacement for the true God, whose prophet is Khorne-Of-Skulls. They do not revel in Chaos, but see a divine Order in Khorne's teaching. Their mutations are rare blessings from their patron, used to spread the security of the Imperial State. Their Rhinos are Rhinos of peace, filled with holy light and divine immolation. The pernicious xenos influence of the Eldar must be eradicated to protect all True Believers, and to hell with any infidel who stands in the way, human or not.

Daily Rituals[edit]

04:00-Morning Meal: Due to religious convictions, the Green Mujahideen fast during daylight hours. A light meal is prepared by the chapter serfs to sustain the faithful through the day.

04:30-Morning Firing Rites: The Green Mujahideen conduct marksmanship training under night conditions.

05:30-Dawn Prayer: The Green Mujahideen pray to Allah-upon-Terra, thanking Him for the new day and asking for victory against His enemies. Their astropaths direct them towards the light of the Astronomican and they orient their bodies to face the holy light of Terra.

06:00-Battle Practice: The Green Mujahideen engage in combat drills within their Brotherhoods

09:00-Tactical Indoctrination: The Green Mujahideen study the Warrior's Handbook, seeking wisdom in the Primarch(pbuh)'s words.

10:30-Religious Indoctrination: The Imams of the Green Mujahideen preach the words of Allah-upon-Terra to the faithful, and remind them that beheading is the only solution to the Tau Question.

12:00-Midday Prayer: The Green Mujahideen pray to Allah-upon-Terra, thanking Him for the day and asking for victory against His enemies.

12:30-Afternoon Firing Rites: The Green Mujahideen return to the range to hone their marksmanship.

14:30-Battle Practice: The Green Mujahideen conduct more combat drills among their Brotherhoods.

17:00-Evening Prayer: The Green Mujahideen pray to Allah-upon-Terra, thanking Him for the day and asking for victory against His enemies.

17:30-Evening Firing Rites: The Green Mujahideen conduct further firing drills in evening conditions.

19:30-Religious Indoctrination: The Imams of the Green Mujahideen conduct a brief sermon before leading the sunset prayer.

20:00-Sunset Prayer: The Green Mujahideen pray to Allah-upon-Terra, thanking Him for the day and asking for victory against His enemies.

20:30-Evening Meal: A feast is prepared by the chapter serfs for the faithful.

21:30-Night Prayer: The Green Mujahideen pray to Allah-upon-Terra, thanking Him for the day gone by and asking for victory against His enemies.

22:00-Maintenance Rituals: The Green Mujahideen attend to their wargear, cleaning and repairing their equipment as needed.

23:30-Free Time: The Green Mujahideen are allowed to seek after their own devices.

00:00-Lights Out: The Green Mujahideen retire to their beds, content in their service to Allah-upon-Terra.