Gretchin Revolutionary Committee

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Commissar.gif This article or section is EXTRA heretical. Prepare to be purged.

"A frightful 'obgoblin stalks droughout Europe. Weez 'aunted by a ghost, da ghost uv kommunism…"

– Addributeded ter 'Elen Macfarlane

Oi, dese gits iz az ridikulous as dey'z entertainin'. See, on da planet of GorkaMorka (known as Angelis to dose 'umie gits) all da boyz an' da mekz decided to institute a tikket system. Wot for? For getting off da zoggin' rokk and getting back do da WAAAAAAAAGH, ya git. See, 'ooeva kontributted bitz towards building da fing dat would get all da boyz off da planet would get 'imself a tikket, dat's only proppa. But wot can a lousy grot kontribute? Zog all, is wot. So, no tikketz for grotz. So den da grotz, dey get upset. Sez dey want to WAAAAAAAGH as well. Dey kontribute too, dey sez. Wot a load o'mukkin about, if'n you asks me. So, dey's "strike", and ask fer negoshiashunz. So, we'z negoshiate, hur hur. Stomped a 'hole mess of 'em, stomped 'em roight an' proppa. Most of 'em calmed down, but some ran away, and started dis Revolushun nonsense. So dat's 'oo dese GRK gits iz, dey manage dere Revolushun. Wot a zoggin' lot o'mukkin about, don't da grotz know we' got 'em stomped pri-empta... premptiv.... in advanze? Orkz is neva beaten in battle!

The previous author was later found dead, riddled with slugga rounds, with "Viva la Revolushun!!!" scrawled on the wall next to him.

The current state of the Committee and Da Revolushun[edit]

Da Red Gobbo, perennial leader of the GRC

The Gretchin Revolutionary Committee (often referred to just as Rebel Grots) are a faction of Socialist Greenskins in Gorkamorka, one of Games Workshop's (former) Specialist Games set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Unlike most Grots (who are slaves/food for the bigger Greenskins), the GRC fights back against this oppression, and even, occasionally, manages to get shit done. This is mostly because they're slightly smarter than Orks and they're better shots, so they're pretty good at that whole "guerrilla" thing.

In the story of Gorkamorka, the GRC was originally made up of Grots upset that they couldn't get "tags," which would enable them to leave the planet Gorkamorka as soon as the Mekboyz finished their contraption. However, they got shot up and thrown out of Mektown (the main hub of Gorkamorka), and so they hide out at Skid Row, a rundown region that the Orks don't particularly care for. Since the beginning, the GRC has been lead by Da Red Gobbo, although there are reasonable suspicions that "Da Red Gobbo" is merely a position, and that the actual Grot in charge changes. Needless to say, discussing this is strongly discouraged by the GRC.

The GRC's main way of conducting their Revolushun is formation and funding of Rebel Grot mobs, each headed by their own Head Honcho, and some occasionally even joined by Da Red Gobbo himself. Of course, Grots are hilariously ineffective when fighting even the weakest of Ork mobs, and the Committee is rather stingy with their teef to boot. This has led many a Head Honcho to blatantly lie to the Committee to try and secure extra teef. Some even get away with it. Of course, all this means that Da Revolushun has a poor chance of succeeding. *BLAM* Doncha dair mock or discrediteded our Revu... relvo... ovathrows dem, wif yer slanderous lies!

Of course kommunism is da bestest system in da oonivers so da umies and da ork gitz can go and zog emselves, we may not av da advantage but we will win coz da revolushun wantz it too. viva la" revolushun -Wortslag Skumfug, Minista o' Trud

Prophets of Waaagh![edit]

In the Prophets of Waaagh! audio drama, Guy Haley's Evil Suns encounter a group of grot revolutionaries. Against ever having to listen to Ork or any other boss bullying them around they've rebelled.

8th edition?[edit]

Oi! I’m da Red Gobbo, and dere’s just two fings I care about: destroyin’ da mekanisms of oppreshun, and makin’ sure all da grots have some goodies for Christmas. I’m here to help you out wiv at least one of doze. -Da Red Gobbo 'imself

Geedubs has brought da Gobbo and his Kommittee back! Apparently he's planning on doing a little wealth redistribution in the form of wishlist giveaways, and will be receiving a shiny new Christmas-themed model.

His rules have since been released on Warhammer Community. Essentially he functions as a cheap elite support piece for Gretchin hordes, improving their shoddy leadership and giving them stikkbombs for a battle round (although running the risk of suffering a MW). As a bonus, he can be included in an Ork detachment and not affect their Battle Forged status, though he still doesn’t receive any Kultur benefits. He’s still only a Gobbo.

Two years after Da Red Gobbo’s 8th edition plastic mini arrived, another Christmas-exclusive cropped up with rules later released through White Dwarf. “Da Red Gobbo on Bounca” sees da Gobbo riding a squig. Crunchwise (still a Legend), now an HQ with different auras and some potential to deal MWs, all for 50pts.


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