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These tables are used to create a 9th Brotherhood to the Grey Knights Chapter. For those unfamiliar to Grey Knights this would be similar to adding an additional company to a Space Marine Chapter. As per my 'creature feature' creation tables, there are a few numbers tables. This is also a good starting point if you want to customize your Brotherhood, but don't know where to begin.

  • It should be noted that similar tables to these could be made to customize any other Chapter's companies. However, since the Grey Knights are very unique in regards to every unit they field and their lore, it is massively improbable to have a successor using their models. This is unlike those other Chapters. That is the purpose of these tables. They encourage creativity to create a semi-unique force of Grey Knights using their general models and background.

This is currently a difficult work in progress.

Brotherhood Origin/Secrecy[edit]

Brotherhood Origin (d10)
1-6 The Brotherhood was created after the 9th Astartes (Knight-Errant) picked by Malcador the Sigillite at the time of the Grey Knight's inception.
7-10 The Brotherhood was formed a time after the Grey Knight's inception, as growing needs for it were confirmed. There is no founding Heresy era Astartes.

  • Only roll on the next table if 1-6 was rolled before
Knight-Errant's Original Legion (d100)
1-6 Dark Angels
7-10 Emperor's Children
11-14 Iron Warriors
15-20 White Scars
21-25 Space Wolves
26-31 Imperial Fists
32-35 Night Lords
36-41 Blood Angels
42-46 Iron Hands
47-49 World Eaters
50-57 Ultramarines
58-62 Death Guard
63-66 Thousand Sons
67-72 Luna Wolves
73-76 Word Bearers
77-82 Salamanders
83-89 Raven Guard
90-93 Alpha Legion
94-96 Unknown
97-100 You Choose

Secrecy and Inquisitorial Relationship (d10)
1-2 They are known to the Chapter as well as the Ordo Malleus. They are as secret as other Brotherhoods, and are often used by the Inquisition over other Brotherhoods.
3-4 They are known to the Chapter as well as the Ordo Malleus. They are as secret as other Brotherhoods, and are contracted by the Inquisition fairly averagely.
5-6 They are known to the Chapter as well as the Ordo Malleus. They are as secret as other Brotherhoods, but their members are rarely selected to help the Inquisition.
7-8 They are known only to the Chapter itself, though possibly ostracized by the rest of the Chapter. They rarely join the Inquisition and if so remain quiet about their origins.
9-10 They've been cut off from the Chapter, having been lost in the warp, or maybe simply become stranded somehow with no way to return. No dealings with the Inquisition.

If you notice I strategically formed and "I" after the first section...


Knight's Ages (d12)
1-3 Many upstarts. They may be here as punishment, but probably because they show great promise.
4-7 A versatile good mix, but largely average aged and experienced Grey Knights.
8-10 Experienced members mainly. Veterans and older warriors make up a good bulk of the Brotherhood.
11-12 A mix of new recruits and veterans, though not much in between. Those that adapt quickly live, and those that do not perish.

Grand Master Personality (d4)
1 Extroverted. Goes by his gut feeling on things. Leads by example and combat. The extravagant knight.
2 Introverted. A logical thinker that carefully weighs options. Leads by ideals and plans. A grand strategist.
3 Extroverted. A wizened warrior and natural leader past his glory days. Leads by great words, speeches, and prior deeds.
4 Introverted. Not talkative, though strong-willed. Leads by example and combat. The humble warrior.

Personal Creed? (d6)
1 Justice above all - This is the judgement of the righteous, scum!"
2 Vengeance above all - "Retribution against the enemies of the Emperor!"
3 Purity above all - "We have cleansed and purified this place."
4 Fealty above all - "I shall make my penance on the battlefield."
5 Faith above all - "The Emperor is with me and I shall not fear."
6 Honor above all - "Brothers, strike for the chapter and the Inquisition!"

Legends and Deeds[edit]

Figure of Legend (d10)
1-3 Grand Master
4-5 Brother-Captain
6-7 Brotherhood Champion
8 Justicar (roll a d4 for unit 1.terminators, 2.interceptors, 3.purgation, 4.strike)
9-10 Battle-Brother (roll a d4 for unit 1.terminators, 2.interceptors, 3.purgation, 4.strike)

Deed of Legend (d100)
1-11 The hero sacrificed himself in close combat to defeat and banish a Greater Daemon after it had destroyed his entire squad.
12-22 The valiant Grey Knight fought off a horde of countless daemons for days on end and stood to tell the tale.
23-33 The figure took on a large Daemon Prince, and though bloodied and wounded, survived and succeeded in killing it.
34-44 The individual lead his squad on a mission deep into chaos infested territory and destroyed an ancient relic weapon of chaos along with the horrors that they encountered.
45-55 The warrior killed a prominent Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer whilst in a battle of minds, all the while fending off waves of daemons assailing him.
55-66 The hero fought against and killed a destructive Chaos Space Marine Lord in 1 on 1 martial combat. The duel is said to have lasted a day.
67-77 The Grey Knight demolished a huge amalgamation of Daemon and Metal and sent it back to the warp with it's servant daemons reeling from the repercussions.
78-88 The hero dove into the warp after a unique daemon only to return mysteriously a great time later with the daemon's head in hand and the daemon seemingly destroyed.
89-95 The Knight uncovered an entire system that secretly served Chaos. He was eventually responsible for killing the source in charge and bringing back Imperial rule.
96-100 The hero's leadership, martial prowess, and purity of spirit over even his brothers, allowed him to become the Supreme Grand Master for a time. He is beyond measure.

Fleet Size[edit]

Fleet size? (d6)
1 One small cruiser and one or two supporting strike craft. Just barely enough.
2-4 A couple, or a few cruisers. They also have a good amount of supporting strike craft.
5-6 They have their own Battle-barge or similarly large vessel. They have a small fleet to support it, separate from the 2nd Brotherhood entirely.

Brotherhood By the Numbers[edit]

Every brotherhood also has 1 Brother Captain and 1 Brotherhood Champion in addition to these squads. (For anons, you can also roll the first 4 d20's at once if you want to speed up the creation) Using these tables, a fairly accurate number can be gained for the number of Knights you have.

Current Terminator Size (d20)
1-2 2 Terminator Squads (Needs reinforcing)
3-6 3 Terminator Squads (Low but okay)
7-10 4 Terminator Squads (Medium)
11-14 5 Terminator Squads (Above Average)
15-18 6 Terminator Squads (High)
19-20 7 Terminator Squads (Full Size)

Current Interceptor Size (d20)
1-2 2 Interceptor Squads (Needs reinforcing)
3-6 3 Interceptor Squads (Low but okay)
7-10 4 Interceptor Squads (Medium)
11-14 5 Interceptor Squads (Above Average)
15-18 6 Interceptor Squads (High)
19-20 7 Interceptor Squads (Full Size)

Current Purgation Size (d20)
1-2 2 Purgation Squads (Needs reinforcing)
3-6 3 Purgation Squads (Low but okay)
7-10 4 Purgation Squads (Medium)
11-14 5 Purgation Squads (Above Average)
15-18 6 Purgation Squads (High)
19-20 7 Purgation Squads (Full Size)

Current Strike Size (d20)
1-2 2 Strike Squads (Needs reinforcing)
3-6 3 Strike Squads (Low but okay)
7-10 4 Strike Squads (Medium)
11-14 5 Strike Squads (Above Average)
15-18 6 Strike Squads (High)
19-20 7 Strike Squads (Full Size)

Current Dreadnoughts (d10)
1 0 Dreadnoughts (The Brotherhood doesn't need them)
2-3 1 Dreadnought (Low but okay)
4-6 2 Dreadnoughts (Medium)
7-8 3 Dreadnoughts (Above Average)
9 4 Dreadnoughts (High)
10 5 Dreadnoughts (Full Size)


Overarching Brotherhood Strategy (d12)
1-3 Overwhelming Force - The Brotherhood excels at charging full force straight into the heart of the enemy. They prefer a head on fight with mobilized ground support.
4-6 Rapid Insertion - Teleportation and multi-assaults are the hallmark of the brotherhood. They prefer surprise, and catching the enemy off guard with pinpoint attacks.
7-9 Intense Firepower - Blasting the enemies from mid range with their stormbolters, special weapons, and psychic blasts before the inevitable assault.
10-12 Balanced Attack - The Brotherhood prefers to utilize all units for their specific roles that help to support each other in battle. Teamwork is paramount.

Preferred Daemonic Enemies (d12)
1-2 Khorne - Past events, bloodshed, and battles have made the daemons and worshipers of Khorne especially hated among the members of the Brotherhood.
3-4 Nurgle - The rotten plague and wretched battles against the daemons of Nurgle have caused it to be the most disgusted great enemy of the Brotherhood.
5-6 Slaanesh - The sickening degeneracy and pleasure attacks against the Brotherhood in the past have made Slaanesh worshipers and its daemons hated beyond most.
7-8 Tzeentch - Trickery, mutation, and the psychic powers of these daemons or otherwise have struck the brotherhood in the past. Those that serve Tzeentch be warned.
9-12 Chaos Undivided - The Hatred for all Chaos Gods is equal. The Brotherhood has either never been assailed horribly enough by one God, or has simply fought them all equally.

Some other questions to ask to fill out the fluff:

  • Custom heraldry and paint job? (good idea to keep the base color silverish/greyish)
  • Grand Master name + title, and ship names.
  • What general mentality does this Brotherhood have towards other Organizations?
  • Do they prefer certain weapons, do they have any notable relics?
  • Areas of the galaxy they like to crusade at?
  • relationships with other Brotherhoods and the Paladin/Purifier orders?
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