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This page is dedicated to the well-known content creators who create Warhammer, D&D, and/or other tabletop related content. Creators who are interested in but do not regularly create content around these topics are not included.

Warhammer Creators[edit]


The official Games Workshop YouTube channel for Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar. There you can find trailers for new armies, boxes and codexes. But more importantly, you can find tutorials by Duncan Rhodes and Chris Peach on how to paint, kitbash and use tools, which let's face it is the real reason to keep up with the channel.

Bruva Alfabusa[edit]

You know who he is, I know who is, we all know who he is. Chapter Master of the now defunct Alfa Legion and creator of the YouTube phenomenon If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device. Has also created a few other shows like The Upper Hive and has a bunch of Dawn of War 2 voice lines on his channel from years ago... for reasons most would rather forget.

Karl the Deranged[edit]

Also needs very little introduction. Voices characters on TTS like Marneus Calgar and sometimes shows up at the end of episodes just to shout. On his channel you'll find content in a similar vein to TTS, like Ravandil's Quest and the meme-worthy Vindicare Assassin video.


Voices Little Kitten in TTS (this is a theme for 40K content creators) and has made some ace reviews of the Dawn of War series. Definitely worth a watch.


Named after the titular Inheritor. Creates art for TTS and sometimes voices characters. Is more active on Twitter, but uploads some pretty good videos every now and then.


Makes music for TTS and a bunch of Warhammer-themed music as well. Also created a 40K Singing Idol contest series thing. Because of course he did.


Voices - you guessed it - TTS characters, but also has a YouTube channel he would upload games to, usually with a 40K twist to it. However, he's abandoned the channel in favor of Twitch.

40K Theories[edit]

Starring Remleiz and Naerina, 40K Theories makes general lore videos, videos theorizing reasons for the unexplained in 40K, and videos spotlighting fan-made factions. Unsurprisingly, both Remleiz and Naerina occasionally lend their voices to TTS.

Tactica Imperialis[edit]

Creates lore videos on 40K and gives his thoughts on the tabletop game. He also does a podcast with 40K Theories.


Makes videos that are great to listen to while making models. She uploads a lot of battle reports, rambling videos, vlogs, and her own podcast "The Emperor's Tarot". She used to be on the podcast with 40K Theories and Tactica Imperialis but left for her own reasons. Also voiced Miriael Sabathiel in TTS.

Arch Warhammer[edit]

Mister Skubtastic himself. Arch has made a name for himself by producing Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy lore videos with expressive enthusiasm, real world tactics and armies to help describe and deepen the lore, and depending on who you ask is either a funny guy with a purposely offensive sense of humor, a literal Nazi, or a Skaven. The best way to describe him is a well-read but politically outspoken guy, who can be a bit of a prick at times from the outside. He also makes videos on 40k related games and the occasional video on miscellaneous games that grab his attention.

Chapter Master Valrak[edit]

A 40K news channel and Imperial Fists fanboy. Also produces videos on 40K games and gets fairly involved in other projects such as Helsreach. Can come across as incredibly annoying if you're not the type of person to treat GW like they're beneficent overlords who need to be praised for everything they do, or if you play anything other than Space Marines. Seriously, for a while this guy complained about not having "proper Primaris transports" whenever anything new came out until the Impulsor came along. Self-identifies with the Imperium, often using the term "we" whenever he refers to the Imperium winning in a global campaign or story. If you're into that kind of stuff, give him a watch. Otherwise, you might want to stay away.


A 40K vlogger and once a member of the Unit Lost Gaming channel before becoming a 40K channel. Always keeps up to date with 40K news and gives his 50 cents on the hobby. Also uploads videos on assorted topics that have taken his fancy.


Like Kirioth, but for Age of Sigmar.

Snipe and Wib[edit]

A gaming couple with a love for 40K. They create a wide array of content, from vlogs to gameplay videos. Created two videos about Rogue Trader that more or less brought their channel into the light, and done look backs on other famous old 40k rule books. Both are in a band called "Fighting Evil is Cool", and Wib's real name is Matt Ward (no really). Oh, and both have been in TTS.

Richard Boylan[edit]

Creates videos in SFM and the like. Is responsible for turning Helsreach into a YouTube series, and made a live action 40K video that didn't suck (see, it can be done). Is currently in talks with GeeDubs themselves for an official animated special involving the Blood Angels.

Mark Louis Spark[edit]

Creates 3D model renders and is currently in the process of making a Horus Heresy movie called "Death of Hope". Judging from what we've seen so far it looks great, and hopefully won't go the same way as Lord Inquisitor.


A large network of Neckbeards playing a variety of wargames, chief among them the Warhammers. Most of their content is more for entertainment than hardcore gameplay, so expect flubbed rules.Also moulds that make you go to sleep


Purely 40K gameplay, specializing mostly in longform and technical batreps.

D&D Creators[edit]

Zee Bashew[edit]

An animator who makes D&D-related animations on how to use spells, run games, and just general D&D things. It's fun and worth a look if you're new to D&D.

Puffin Forest[edit]

Probably the number 1 most popular D&D animator on youtube. While his animation is far from being the best (his art style is worse than Order of the Stick), he more that makes up for it with his amazing humor. He mostly talks about D&D, but he occasionally does videos about Call of Cthulhu and other games. Most of his videos tell hilarious stories about stuff that happened to him during tabletop games (both as a player and a game master) and in others he reviews tabletop games and gives advice to players and game masters.

BattleTech Creators[edit]

Black Pants Legion/Tex[edit]

A miscellanous, mostly SS13 content, in which a guy named Tex makes a series called Tex Talks Battletech, which goes into detailed, sometimes embellished (due to being an Inner Sphere supporter) accounts of mechs and history of Battletech universe.