Grimghast Reaper

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Chop chop chop, we're picking up the speed, if we chop off some heads, then the fleshies start to bleed!

Grimghast Reapers are a Nighthaunt unit that exist to warn against the dangers of doing too much keikaku. In life, they were meticulous murderers - the type that arranged every little detail so that they wouldn't get even a single drop of blood on their hands. So of course, Nagash saw this and decided to make them physically incapable of doing anything other than (literally) blindly swinging a massive scythe around. Predictably, they are always angry about it, which in turn makes them swing even harder, and so on so forth.

They have a unique unit leader called an "Extoller of Shyish", who's slightly different in that they were originally priests or preachers that went against Nagash, who, in his colossal ego, did not take kindly to it. Now they carry around a comically large bell and spend their time loudly praising Nagash and his rule of Shyish.

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