Grimgor Ironhide

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He'z da best at wot he doez.

"He carried on the war not for the sake of personal gain or power nor through anger, but for the sake of warlike deeds in themselves; hence he was accounted at once a lover of war and a master of war."

– Cassius Dio

"Say my name! SAY MY NAME!"

– Grimgor Ironhide the karaoke champion and Destiny’s Child superfan

Grimgor Ironhide is a Black Orc special character for Orcs & Goblins and is basically Grukk Facerippa's Warhammer Fantasy equivalent. As it stands, he's one of the greatest Orc warriors ever lived. He's bloodthirsty and driven, to the point even other Orcs think he's a bit of a nutter (if a glorious fucking one). He's VERY foul-tempered and 'ard as a nails-on-stale-bread sandwich, and tolerates absolutely nothing; to the point that there's always fighting around him, because of the thrashing he deals out when he's not fighting.

Grimgor is the primary named character of the Black Orcs, after Morglum Necksnapper was swept under the rug (and had Grimgor go all Bane on him in The End Times) and his army as a result is mostly comprised of them. His personal guard, and the most elite Orcs (meaning actually trained and geared with properly made armor) called the "Immortulz" are undefeated. Any other greenskins in his army tend to get killed when Grimgor gets bored, although this does little to discourage more from joining him.

Oh, and his magic axe is named "Gitsnik". It sniks gits roight proppa.

The Legend[edit]


His backstory was revealed in the End Times; he was a slave, one of the Black Orcs bred by the Chaos Dwarfs. Grimgor was beaten and mistreated and eventually decided to be Orc Spartacus and staged a violent revolt where he managed to escape, dreaming of coming back and freeing his fellow greenskins alongside bringing the civilization of the Chaos Dwarfs crashing down. As far as everyone else knew, he suddenly emerged out of the Blasted Wastes one day missing one eye and followed by his Orcservant Immortulz (who would come to lead Grimgor's choice troops), Grimgor continued without rest or much in the way of sustenance taking tribe after tribe and making them his own. Tribes that impressed him were allowed to keep their own autonomy so long as they stayed out of his way (something most Orcs consider un-Orcy), but tribes too weak or Squig-headed to move aside were destroyed to the last.

Grimgor's battle lust overcame his own Animosity rolls, and any day where no battle occurred Grimgor caused fights intentionally within his own forces leaving only his own personal Black Orc guard the only ones safe from being destroyed from boredom (although not on an individual basis). Two days without battle and he'd be a bit restless (read: kill every Goblin and most Orcs that came within arm's reach of him). As a result of this, Grimgor has never known more than two days without a battle occurring; his own men actually fear what would happen if it did come to pass. MEN?! Soundz like someone’s after some propa aggro, ladz!

Any greenskin who heard of him came to believe he was the chosen prophet and champion of Gork (or possibly Mork), and within a short period of time tribes flocked to him to join his unofficial WAAAGH.

Eventually running out of tribes of Orcs to test his mettle against, Grimgor made his way to fight the biggest challenge he knew of. The Slayer Cult. The fucking Dwarfs who worship the idea of gloriously dying in battle and don't wear any armor to increase the probability of that happening. The Slayer Cult, after a few battles, sealed themselves in their kingdom of Karak Kadrin. That's right, the Dwarfs who live to die basically said "Fuck that, we're staying in here."

So after getting bored with this, Grimgor heard about Kislev and how fucking badass the shirtless shoeless bear-riding humans that give Chaos the middle finger are, and said "DAT SOUNDZ LIKE A ROIGHT PROPPA PLACE FOR A LAND WAR!" and marched his army to Warhammer Russia. Grimgor and his army massacred the fuck out of them, using the dead as rations (the best they'd had until this point) and generally shrugged off the cold and massive Chaos Daemons that just kind of pop into being all around them. Tzarina Katarin finally got involved and froze his entire army (other than the Immortulz) into Orcsicles, forcing him to go back to the Blasted Wastes and recruit more greenskins (which was fine, because he was bored anyway). Grimgor returned to fight the Dwarfs again, then took control of one of the original Strongholds that had never fallen. Plumbing the forgotten caverns where the Dwarfs had dug too deep, he encountered his kin, the Night Goblins. He proceeded to massacre the fuck out of them and use THEM as rations, and going even deeper he encountered Skaven. Skaven were a new foe; with numbers so high he rarely ran out of them to kill, with fucking impressive artillery that made battles more exciting, and finally they made the best rations he'd had so far. Grimgor was such a massive threat that three clans united against him, whose forces he wiped out nearly to the last. He eventually did what no foe had EVER done previously; he breached a Skaven city.

Despite this accomplishment, Grimgor was getting bored again. He then packed up his army and simply left, leaving the Skaven to retake the tunnels he had cleared out and gain a fortress with access to the surface world. He crossed the Worlds Edge Mountains, fought Chaos Dwarfs and crossed their lands (which are so lava-filled they put Bowser's Castle to shame) and made war on the Ogres in their own lands. Cutting a path directly through, he encountered a fucking MASSIVE force of Chaos Mongols which had been heading to assault Kislev after Grimgor had weakened it so much previously. Grimgor was satisfied slaughtering them for some time, and did such massive damage to them that his name was spread by those who fled and made it home as a Daemon Prince who existed to slaughter Chaos.

Storm of Chaos (Retconned, Alternate Universe)[edit]

After heading westwards towards populated lands looking for more things to kill, Grimgor's Shamans suddenly and inexplicably had begun exploding. He soon found out that the world was ending because Chaos was fucking with reality and Archaon was lubing up to blow up the world with one thrust. Grimgor exclaimed "HOT DAMN, END OF DA WORLD YOU SAY?!?" and led his forces to the main event. He encountered the army of Crom the Conqueror, and promptly slaughtered everyone he came across until Grimgor wound up in a duel with Crom himself who he saw as an almost equal since he had to put just as much effort into killing Grimgor's elite as Grimgor had Crom's (ie next to none). During the duel his entire army was defeated while neither Crom nor Grim could gain the upper hand and once Grimgor saw his troops fleeing he immediately disengaged from Crom and ran after them, shouting insults and waving his axe attempting to rally them. Crom immediately rushed his forces to support Archaon, and got him into the Empire. Grimgor meanwhile had chased his army all the way back to the World's Edge Mountains before giving up.

Not wanting to miss out on the massive ass-kicking battle, Grimgor thought "MAN, FUCK DAT ARCHAON GUY, HE MUST BE TUFF AS HELL. I'MMA BEAT HIS BITCH ASS!" and created an army consisting of the biggest and badest orcs he could find to fight Archaon's forces with the intent to beat him at his height. To this end he went to Middenheim where Archaon had beaten Valten in a duel and was giving a monologue before killing Valten and destroying the world. Grimgor immediately entered and won the duel against Archaon in a brutally cunning manner - with a cheap shot and a headbutt, since Archaon didn't know Grimgor was going to betray him. In fact until he was knocked on his ass he didn't even know he was in a duel, and his army had the heart torn out of by the Greesnkins turning on everyone around them.

So just as Archaon was about to usher in an eternity of darkness and rule as King Chaos forever and all the usual Chaos shit, he hears a massive shout behind him.


Archaon turned just in time to be headbutted by Grimgor. With Archaon laid low, Grimgor then did something very un-orc like. He punched Archaon into the ground, shouted "I IZ DA BEST!!!!!!" and left laughing back to the Worlds Edge Mountains to gather another army, and go back to fighting shit.

Unfortunately, this ending was retconned; Games Workshop wound up so embarrassed by the way the campaign went it was relegated to an alternate universe.

End Times (Round 2)[edit]

During the End Times event, Grimgor's story returns to the point in canon before he encountered Crom's army. Wurrzag Da Great Green Prophet has finally realized that the champion of Gork and Mork wouldn't be one Orc, but rather two greenskins leading a united WAAAGH. Believing that Grimgor is the champion of Gork (or possibly Mork) while Skarsnik is the champion of Mork (or possibly Gork), he has set out to inform them of their destinies and unite them in one WAAAGH. Grimgor starts off rampaging east, encountering the orcish empire of the Necksnapper. He krumps him, and absorbs his forces into the growing WAAAGH! The horde continues to grow, with orcs pouring in from all over the world. The Hobgoblin khans are defeated and also join the WAAAGH, and then go on to lay siege to the Chaos controlled Great Bastion. Grimgor has an epic, hours long duel with the chaos dwarf Lord Rhykarth the Unbreakable, eventually winning and hanging his corpse from the walls. Grimgor later becomes bound to the Wind of Beasts (despite green skins having no affinity for the 8 winds of magic since they use WAAAGH magic) and now commands a huge army of both orcs and ogres known as the Beast WAAAGH!

In the process, he also manages to conquer the wandering Ogre Kingdoms. Greasus Goldtooth the exceedingly long-named disagrees with the notion and resists, almost defeating Grimgor, but throws the fight at the last second. Grimgor asserts his status as DA BEST by clubbing his head in with his own flashy club. They view Incarnate Grimgor as the living avatar of the Great Maw, and thus they decide to follow him. Following that, Grimgor went to the Blasted Lands to pay his former masters, the Chaos Dwarfs, a visit. He freed the greenskins imprisoned from slavery, then the Beast-WAAAGH slaughtered the Chaos Dwarfs and brought Zhar-Naggrund crashing down. Then his army combined with the liberated greenskins slaves and they went over to Nippon to have some fun in the name of mass destruction until a certain pointy-eared idiot decided to forcibly teleport them over to Middenheim. Confused, Grimgor decided to do what he did best and rampaged. It was only thanks to Malekith's act of sucking-up that they even manage to obtain Grimgor's alliance since Archaon destroying the universe meant that he couldn't be DA BEST.

The Incarnates then made their massive charge to the former city of Middenheim to stop Archaon's doomsday warprift. Grimgor challenges Archie again and they make it into a heated duel. Grimgor even manages to score another massive headbutt to Archie's face. Problem is that this time, no amount of customer interaction's gonna save the day, and thus the Everchosen doesn't only survive the attack (At the expense of the Eye of Sheerian, one of his Treasures of Chaos), but gets even madder to the point that he unleashes the daemon stuck in his sword and then beheads Grimgor and thus spells the end of the Wind of Beasts.

Grimgor is still da bes' because he didn't need no stinkin' talkin' weapon to do da fightin' for 'im. He just needed the fucking Wind of Beast and possibly Gork living inside of him which is kinda fair considering his opponent was powered himself with the power of the Treasures of Chaos.

List of achievements in the end times:

  • Conquered the ogre kingdoms.
  • Conquered Cathay back from chaos, won so hard that the chaos gods turned away from the east.
  • Burned nippons fleets, destroyed most of clan eshins holdings.
  • Conquered the Chaos Dwarf empire setting all the slaves free resulting in Hashut's destruction.
  • Became the Incarnate of Beasts, despite orcs having no affinity for the winds of magic.
  • Defeated and killed Greasus Goldtooth, skragg the slaughterer, and several other ogre tyrants when they challenged him for leadership.
  • Killed the necksnapper, the hobgoblin khan and borgut facebeater.
  • Putting up enough of a fight against both Malekith and his dragon, by himself, that Malekith was forced to use diplomacy rather than risk either of them dying.
  • Easily defeated a keeper of secrets at the final battle. Also slaughters his way through hundreds of daemons and chaos knights.

He's seemingly left out of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, with his position as Chosen of Gork being handed off to Gordrakk.

On The Tabletop[edit]

Grimgor has been playable since at least the 6th edition of Warhammer when he replaced Morglum Necksnapper as GW's go-to Black Orc Warboss, and in all his incarnations, "rape train" pretty accurately sums up what he can do. He costs a bundle, but he will make merry mincemeat out of whatever you point him at.

6th Edition[edit]

Grimgor has the honor of being one of only two orc characters statted in the army book for this edition, alongside Wurrzag. He comes with a minimum bodyguard of nine Black Orcs and uses up a Lord, Hero and Special slot, all for a minimum of 600 points - his bodyguard, the Immortulz, wear heavy armor and carry choppas & additional hand weapons, can be expanded with up to ten more Black Orcs (+13 points per extra Immortul), and includes a Musician and a Battle Standard Bearer sporting the Blasted Banner (Grimgor & Immortulz are Stubborn).

Grimgor himself has M4, WS 8, BS 2, S 5, T 5, W 3, I 5, A 5, and LD 9. He has the special rules Ignore Greenskin Animosity, Quell Animosity, Hatred: Everyone, Awesome Fighter (+2 to Combat Resolution in Grimgor's favor, enemies flee 3D6" instead of usual movement) and He's Da Boss (Grimgor is automatically army general). He sports Gitsnik (magic weapon, +2 Strength, Always Strikes First), wears the Blood-Forged Armor (1+ Armor Save and 5+ Ward Save) and carries Mork's All-Seeing Eye (Magic Resistance 1 for Grimgor and Immortulz).

7th Edition[edit]

In 7e, Grimgor lost a point of Ballistic Skill and gained +2 Attacks, and traded his former special rules for Immune to Psychology, Hatred: Everyone and Da Immortulz (army must include at least one unit of Black Orcs, which only Grimgor can join; they gain Immune to Psychology and Hatred: Everyone if he does). He retains Gitsnik and the Blood-Forged Armor, but loses Mork's All-Seeing Eye.

8th Edition[edit]

8e tweaked Grimgor around yet again, keeping him at BS1 but dropping him back down to 5 Attacks. This version of Grimgor, likewise, only has Gitsnik and the Blood-Forged Armor. His special rules are Choppas, Hatred: Everyone, Immune to Psychology, Waaagh! and Da Immortulz (as per 7e, but Da Immortulz also gain +1 WS whether Grimgor is running around with them or not).

The End Times[edit]

Grimgor got upgraded to being the Incarnate of Beasts for the last of the End times rulebooks. Costing 460 points, he takes the 8e Grimgor and gives him +1 to Strength, Toughness, Wounds and Attacks, changes the Immortalz so they only get +1 WS and Hatred, gives him the new rule Best of Da Best (in a challenge, re-roll failed To Hit rolls and To Wound rolls), and the power Locus of Ghur (Innate Bound Spell, power level 6, casts an Augment that affects any friendly unit from the Orcs & Goblins or Ogre Kingdoms armies that is within 12", affected units get +1 Strength & Toughness until Grimgor's next magic phase).


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