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Wooden club
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Divine Rank Intermediate God
Pantheon The Ordning (Giant)
Portfolio Hunting, Strength, Combat, Hill Giants, Ettins
Domains 3E: Chaos, Competition, Death, Earth, Evil, Madness, Mysticism
5E: War
Home Plane The Steading (Carceri)
Worshippers Hill Giants, Ettins
Favoured Weapon Dwarfcrusher (Club or Javelin)

Grolantor is the Chaotic Evil god of competition, strength, Ettins, and Hill Giants. Originally banished to Carceri by his father Annam for allying with his brother Memnor, the ban has been revoked ever since the All-Father left. Grolantor is a stupid and weak-willed but very strong god who demands that his followers persecute those smaller than them (ie everything shorter than a Hill Giant or Ettin). Along the way they willfully deny the fact that the Hill Giants are the smallest of the giant races; to admit weakness is considered anathema to the followers of the Runtherder.

He created the Hill Giants by breeding all sorts of crazy shit together: a combination of castoff giants of all races, all sorts of serpentine monsters and even the Hag goddess Cegilune. Ettins, on the other hand, were created when Grolantor impaled his love lance in a bizarre serpent monster with heads on both ends of her snake-like body. Gorlantor is a hands-off deity; as long as you never admit weakness or fault and you oppress those smaller than you you're fine. He has no holy days aside from an occasional eating contest.

Hill Giants see illness as a divine sign from Grolantor, partially because they're too dumb to connect their habit of eating carrion with their getting food poisoning (though in fairness, a hill giant's constitution is such that they can stomach most rotten things). When a hill giant can't keep food down, they're isolated from the tribe and a shaman will try to read omens in their bile. If the illness passes, the giant can rejoin their tribe. If not, they are starved until they're half-mad, becoming a Mouth of Grolantor. Such giants are kept chained, only being set free to sate their mad hunger (which is seen as an embodiment of Grolantor's own gluttony) on the tribe's enemies.

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