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Grommams are a species of talking, semi-humanoid gorillas with "chocolate-brown" skin and "copper-red" fur from the Spelljammer setting of Dungeons & Dragons. Their homeworld is unknown, but fans would later give them the world of Gaya, a subtropical world of high mesas and deep, jungle-filled canonys within a crystal sphere known as Grommspace, which they share with their fellow spelljamming ape-species, the hadozee.

Grommams are known for being a generally peaceful and highly religious species (no doubt helped by the fact that the demigod entities they worship actually live on Gaya with them), who live in close-knit and highly organized troops led by elder females. Unmarried males make up the bulk of their military forces, and also the primary source of grommam adventurers, although married males and even females both sometimes find themselves plying the spaceways.

PC Stats[edit]

Ability Score Modifiers: For males, +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, -1 Intelligence, -1 Wisdom, and for females, +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, -1 Strength, -1 Dexterity
Ability Score Minimums/Maximums: Strength 11/18, Dexterity 8/18, Constitution 8/18, Intelligence 3/18, Wisdom 3/17, Charisma 3/18
Class & Level Restrictions: 15th level Fighter (Male only), 15th level Thief (Male Only), 10th level Cleric (either gender)
Thief Ability Modifiers: PP +10%, OL -5%, F/RT +5%, MS -5%, CW +25%, RL -5%
+25% racial modifier to all Climbing rolls
Can dual-wield weapons as if they had the Ambidexterity proficiency
Bane of Magic Items: Some bizarre quirk of grommams means they do not interact well with any magic items other than weapons, armor, shields, gauntlets and girdles. Whenever a grommam attempts to use a magic item not specifically suited for its character class, there is a 40% chance that the item simply does not function this time. For directly activated items, make the check each time the grommam attempts to use it; there is a chance that even if it fails once, it may eventually turn on. For items that are continually in operation, make the check in the first turn of an encounter; failure means it doesn't work throughout that encounter.


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