Grot Trakbike

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BEEP BEEP! The mini-Land Raider has arrived!

Grot Trakbikes are small ramshackle armoured vehicles, built and driven by Gretchin (or 'Grot') hordes within Ork armies. They are the equivalent of a Grot Rhino/Land Raider, serving as a miniature APC, much as how Grot Tanks serve as the Grot's MBT. They allow these buggers to survive a few more seconds in the battlefield.


Made from the track of a Chimera, the Trakbike is armed with a Big Shoota and is adorned with Ork bike teef on its front. Due to their small size, over a dozen Grots could comfortably sit within the hulls of the vehicle. The Lasgun turrets of the Chimera have been replaced by a cuppola and some firing ports to allow the Grots to fire their Grot Blastas. Still, although they allow the Grots some safety within the armoured hulls, a single anti-tank shot from an anti-armour weapon like a Lascannon or Melta can easily vapourize the ramshackle contraption.


The Grot Trakbike was created by the Games Workshop employee John Ashton and was showcased in an article of the March 2020 issue of White Dwarf.

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