Grukk Face-Rippa

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Humans fear brutal and tyrannical leaders, while Orks respect them. It says a lot about Grukk Face-Rippa that even Orks fear him.

With the advent of the Sanctus Reach campaign, we get this guy, Grimgor Ironhide's 40k equivalent. Aspiring enough to have killed his Warboss and lead a Waaagh! in return, Grukk Face-Rippa (also known as Grukk da Zoggin' Maniac, but don't say this out loud because he IS a zoggin' maniac!). is the Ork equivalent of that one Neckbeard that always gets shit done. Among his list of accomplishments was:

  • Started his career rise by tearing the face off his Warboss and struck fear into every other Ork in the Waaagh! (not a small feat, considering how brave Orks normally are),
  • Ripped open a malfunctioning Obsidian Glaives Drop Pod during the Battle of Black Gulch and massacred the ten Marines inside (not that that would be very difficult for any Warboss worth his salt, but still impressive nonetheless),
  • Led his lads to brutally slaughter the entire Obsidian Glaives Chapter (killing the Chapter Master himself in a duel), and...
  • Led the initial assault on Alaric Prime in the Sanctus Reach, during which he single-handedly killed 2 Imperial Knights by jumping off from the top of a Stompa. Balls of fucking steel.

Unfortunately, this guy might be dead, 'cause some Mek decided it would be a great idea to perform an extremely explosive experiment on him. Now, some Big Mek by the name of Mogrok is in command of the Red Waaagh!. Then again, later in the campaign, the hulk of his gutted Battlewagon is found by some Orks, and it turns out that one of its passengers wasn't so dead after all...

Lo and behold, it turns out that he was only mostly dead, and for Orks, that means they get up and kicking soon enough. This 'ard fucker proceeds to retake his WAAAGH! and brings the fight to the Space Wolves' counter-attack, led by the pissed-off Wolf Lord Krom Dragongaze.

On the tabletop, he's represented by a vanilla Warboss with 'Eavy Armour, a unique Power Klaw that has the Shred special rule, an Attack Squig, and a Combi-Rokkit. The only big differences between the two is that Grukk has a stock 5+ Feel no Pain roll and the special Power Klaw. His general Warlord Trait is Bellowing Tyrant. All in all, not a bad character, and you could probably proxy his model as a normal Warboss, too. Sadly, his rules were removed in 8th, so you have to use a vanilla Warboss now.

8th Edition[edit]

A 2020 issue of White Dwarf brought both Grukk and Skrak's Skull-Nobz back for Open Play only, with a few changes. For Grukk, Bellowing Tyrant has been replaced as his Warlord Trait by Foul Temper, giving him three extra Attacks whilst injured. He also has a 5++ Invulnerable Save in addition to his Feel No Pain, and his Power Klaw had been replaced by a Killsaw with Shred that better matches his model.

Skrak's lot meanwhile've been switched from Elites to Headquarters, an interesting move that harks back to 3rd Edition and bodyguard units. They don't have to have a fixed loadout this time, making them more adaptable than before, and get better Weapon Skill and Attacks than regular Nobz.

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