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3E: Mountains on purple
5E: Mountain
Aliases Boss of Earth, Boss of the Earth Elementals, Earthlord, Etugen, Gnarly One, Grome, King of the Land Below Roots
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Greater God / Primordial
Pantheon Faerûn, Hordelands, Zakhara
Portfolio Changelessness, elemental earth, oaths, solidity
Domains 3E: Balance, Cavern, Earth, Metal, Time
5E: Knowledge
Home Plane Great Wheel/World Tree: The Great Mountain (Elemental Plane of Earth)
World Axis: Root Hold
Worshippers Druids, fighters, monks, rangers
Servitors Earth elementals, earth genasi, xorns
Favoured Weapon A stony fist (Warhammer)

Grumbar is one of the four elemental gods / primordials that remained on Toril, guarding the wealth and secrets hidden within the earth. Like the other elemental lords, except for Kossuth, his worshippers are rare, as there are more likable and preferrable gods of earth, or really even other gods, to choose from. His worshippers preach about how going on a boat or flying is evil, and how altering the landscape, or anything really, is just causing more problems. Needless to say they're ignored by others.


Grumbar keeps loose contacts with other gods of the earth, but most notably has a romantic relationship the orc goddess Luthic which both of them hide from Gruumsh. He's also father to Ogrémoch, and his lesser known sibling Entemoch, but he works to ensure that neither him or Sunnis gain more power than he has.


The eternal Grumbar is perfect and unchanging. Strive to be more like the eternal one, not to change or to allow change to happen. One's given word is the bedrock upon which a stable society is built. To break an oath is to cause a crack in the foundation of civilization. Go forth and spread the word of Grumbar and show through your works the stability and safety he brings.

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