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Aliases Caretakers, Protectors
Plane of Influence Elysium
Enemies Doomguard, Bleak Cabal, Harmonium
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The Guardians are one of Planescape's "planar sects", minor factions who have little influence in Sigil. As the most unabashedly Noblebright of the factions, the Guardians live relatively peaceful lives until some Great Evil™ arises, at which point they band together to defeat it. They never take the fight to the lower planes, only vanquishing evil when its pops up someplace its not supposed to be. When not smiting evil, they also enjoy defending the weak and helpless.

The Guardians are unique among the factions in that they don't force their views on others. Indeed, they actually see it as their duty to protect people from being press-ganged by the other factions.

Headquatered in Elysium, the Guardians base their conduct on the ideals of the Guardinals. All members model themselves after one type of guardinal: wizards and priests dress up like ursinals, rogues as avorals, warriors as cervidals, equinals, or lupinals, and higher-ups as leonals. Some of the members are also actual Guardinals.

The Factions of Sigil
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Believers of the source symbol.png
Believers of the Source
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Bleak Cabal
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Fraternity of Order
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Revolutionary League
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Sign of One
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Society of Sensation
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Transcendent Order
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