Guardians Exemplar

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Guardians Exemplar
Guardian Exemplar Chapter Badge.png
Battle Cry Excellentia per sanctimonia! (Latin for Excellence through purity!
Founding Unknown (34th Millenium)
Successors of Ultramarines
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Zakariah
Primarch Roboute Guilliman
Homeworld Sacranus
Strength 1000
Specialty Precision strikes, Psychological warfare
Allegiance Imperium
Colours White and Gold
The current livery of the chapter.
The organization chart for the Guardians Exemplar.

The Guardians Exemplar are another product of fat/tg/uys playing around with the Chapter Creation tables from Rites of Battle. After a lot of dice rolling, the results came in; an Ultramarines successor chapter so stuck-up their own arses that they'd make Rowboat Girlyman blush.

Established during the 34th Millennium, meaning they were part of a founding somewhere between the 6th and 9th foundings, the Guardians Exemplar value purity above all; be it by the Codex Astartes or by eugenics. They consider themselves to be the heirs of the Emperor and believe anything other than perfection is unworthy of the Imperium (much like the Emperor's Children before the Horus Heresy). Hailing from the feral desert world of Sacranus, the chapter rarely ever ventures down from their mountain-top fortress, only doing so to pick out the “purest specimens” for recruitment into the chapter; an act the Feral Population consider to be an ascension into godhood. The Guardians Exemplar detonated a tower which the local population built in order to see the top of their mountain, and also infected them with plagues. Basically, the Guardians Exemplar are douches.

Fluffy Bits[edit]


It was in the early 35th Millennium, roughly around 345.M35 when the Guardian's Exemplar first touched down on their current home world, Sacranus. Since the last years of the 34th Millennium, the Guardian’s Exemplar had been watching the world closely. Scrutinizing and studying its inhabitants. Watching them, as their primal instincts and tribal wars asserted dominance over the various other flora and fauna. Never once considering the rebirth that would soon be offered to them. Landing upon a massive natural monolith, they began to set up base. And once the project was finished contact with the natives was established. This contact has long since been mythologised by the inhabitants of Sacranus. Figures, clad in a blinding white, heralded by smoke descended from the mountain top. These figures, these angels, helped the natives. They taught them methods of construction, and stole away some of the Sacranussians for their ascension into godhood. This meeting was short-lived. The angels disappeared almost as quickly as they came. But that was not the end of their interaction. Time and time again, plagues have smote the Sacranussians. Plagues, unnatural in origin. Plagues that might be only described as targeted. Furthermore, there have been punishments.

The truth of the matter is that the Guardians Exemplar have taken up a doctrine of psychological warfare through the use of precision-based chemical weapons. They have equipped their land speeders and whirlwinds with highly toxic and corrosive payloads that can be used to great effect. The Guardians Exemplar treat their armor to be resistant to these toxins. This gives them a truly awe-inspiring presence as beings of such purity, that they may walk freely where others would be poisoned or burned away.

The Wrath of Angels[edit]

The Guardians Exemplar have proven to be fairly unique among the Adeptus Astartes in that since first contact with the Sacranussians, they have gone out of their way to keep the feral population of their home world from ever civilizing, often going to extreme measures to keep the population as backward as possible, seeing it as a sign of purity. These cataclysmic events often enter the primitive folklore of the tribes, sometimes even becoming part of their religious beliefs.

One example of this is the Tale of the Sky Tower, an ancient story that dates back to the 37th Millennium. In the story, the Sacranussians are united under a charismatic, young king. The king grew overconfident and believed that he could build a tower large enough to see the top of the mountain; to glimpse this realm in which the angels dwelled. A foolish attempt. When the angels heard of this endeavor, their attacks was swift and terrifying. A blast of unimaginable power fell from the heavens. The tower was obliterated in an instance, taking the young king with it. But this blast was not the extent of their wrath.

Flowing down like a waterfall of hate, the angels descended. Dispensing justice by fire, they slaughtered the Sacranussians with bullets and poisonous gases. Decimating the population in one fell swoop, the Guardians Exemplar made it very clear that the Emperor's chosen sons are not to be meddled with. Then as quickly as they appeared, they vanished once more to their heavenly abode.

Another example would be the Golden City of Ubaarl, the first permanent settlement established by the Tribesmen since the death of the king almost a thousand years before. Ubaarl quickly became a rich and successful settlement, where merchants from each tribe would descend to trade materials they had retrieved from the sands of Sacranus. However, this again proved to be too much for the Guardians Exemplar.

Unaware to the Sacranussians, Ubaarl was constructed above a vast system of caverns and caves. Using their knowledge of these caves a small team of Guardians Exemplar marines entered the caverns, planting a chain of melta bombs directly beneath the city. When the bombs were activated an intense thermal heat was unleashed, melting the very ground upon which the city sat. With the ground rapidly vanishing, the city soon collapsed through the ground and fell into the chasm beneath, taking the unfortunate Sacranussians with it.

Those few Sacranussians unfortunate enough to not only survive the extreme heat and fall, but then to also avoid the crushing debris soon found themselves in a horrifying predicament. They were trapped, lost and doomed to die somewhere within those caverns. As a result, “Ubaarl” has come to mean decadence within the languages of the Sacranussians.

As a result of these acts, the Sacranussians do not worship the Guardians Exemplar, but instead choose to wearily respect them from a distance. It is seen as a blessing to have ones son taken by the chapter, but also as a day of mourning, since the family will never see their beloved child again.

The Sacranussians never truly seem to learn their lessons and it is only a matter of time before another Ubaarl is built, or another king begins to consider himself above the “white giants of the mountains”.

Notable Campaigns[edit]

The Lasturias Campaign (644.M38)[edit]

Lasturias was a remote, isolated world covered in dense, fog-obscured swamps. The only real civilisation on the planet was that of the native Lasturians, a species of slug-like clones with four arms with which they could operate their venomous, living weaponry. As part of Humanity's manifest destiny, the Golden Gryphons chapter of Adeptus Astartes, with support from the 254th Cadian Shock Troops and 53rd Drookian Fen Guard, were called upon to purge the planet of xenos.

The invasion was a disaster from the start, the Lasturians using a planet-wide force field to separate the invasion forces from the fleet above the planet. While the force field let ships fly through it, they were unable to leave it. The commander chose not to send more ships into the force field, not knowing whether or not the men already on the planet had been slaughtered or not. The clones then launched a series of rapid ambushes, destroying the scarce-few ammo depots that the Imperium forces had been able to set-up before the force field was activated. They then used chemical weapons on the invaders, slaughtering much of the Guardsman population and forcing the immune marines to use much needed troops to guard the sick survivors. A distress signal was sent out for assistance from any available Space Marine chapters. Much to the surprise of everyone, the Guardians Exemplar replied.

Informed of several likely locations where the force field generator may be located, the Guardians Exemplar touched down on Lasturias via Thunderhawk and quickly began to reinforce the exhausted defenders. The chapter sent out squads of marines to try and locate the force field generator, while the remaining forces defended the few positions still in Imperial hands. Unfortunately for the imperial forces, an important position was occupied by the Lasturians who discovered the location of the main Imperium base. A day later, the Lasturians had launched their attack, meeting surprisingly little resistance from Golden Gryphon space marines. During the midst of the fighting, with much of the Lasturian forces now within the base, the force field suddenly failed.

The Guardians Exemplar had left documents revealing the location of their main base as a trap for the Lasturians, who would undoubtedly use the majority of their forces in an attack upon the base, hoping that it would finally drive the humans from the planet. But once the Lasturians began their attack, Guardians Exemplar forces raided and destroyed the force field generator. With the force field down, the Guardian Exemplars began to bombard the imperial base from orbit, wiping out not only the Lasturian attackers, but also the surviving Guardsman and Golden Gryphons.

When a Golden Gryphon's captain demanded to know why their fellow chapter had not rescued their allies, his Guardian Exemplar counterpart simply shrugged and replied: “Why should we proud sons of the Emperor waste our lives by trying to rescue inferior beings who just so happen to be our allies? Besides, they would not have fallen for the trap if we'd relocated the surviving guardsman and space marines of your chapter.”

The Golden Gryphons pulled out from the campaign, leaving the Guardians Exemplar to begin the second invasion of the planet. In just over a year, the planet had been annexed into the Imperium, the Lasturians unable to fight against the chemical weapons of the chapter. Lightning fast raids were launched on breeding vats, wiping out any hopes of growing more weaponry and reinforcements. When the Guardians Exemplar finally left the planet, the entire Lasturian race had been driven to extinction.


Crunchy Bits[edit]

Chapter History 
34th Millennium
Chapter Progenitor 
Chapter Purpose 
Gene Seed Purity 
Very Pure, with even the 'flaws' of the Ultramarines having been bred out. Only a single minor impurity (the psyker gene) is known to exist and is only tolerated because of its usefulness.
Chapter Demeanor 
Purity above all.
Stat Bonuses 
+5 Perception, +5 Intelligence
Figure of legend 
Archlibrarian Ephraim
Deed of legend 
The hero Librarian led an assault on a filthy Eldar pleasure world, inflicting serious damage to the population, nearly succeeding with the chapters attempt at erasure.
Codex Chapter 
The chapter follows the Codex Astartes to the letter.
Chapter Homeworld 
Sacranus, Feral Desert World
Chapter Rule 
Distant. The chapter briefly climbs down from out mountain top fortress to pick only the purest of specimens for their ascension into the ranks of what the populace would consider godhood.
Chapter Friendship 
Adeptus Mechanicus
Chapter Enemy 
Dark Eldar
Combat Doctrine 
Precision strikes and psychological warfare combined with chemical warfare.
Chapter Belief 
Purity of Man
Chapter Status 



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