Guardians of Order

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Guardians Of Order, also called GoO, was a Canadian company established in 1996 by Mark MacKinnon that made RPGs. Their biggest success was Big Eyes, Small Mouth, a roleplaying game using their Tri-Stat ruleset about anime and manga that lasted for 3 editions and a multitude of spin-offs for different types of anime action. Eventually they released the Tri-Stat dx rulebook containing the generic rules upon which all of their RPG's were based. Later on in the second edition of BESM they dropped the Tri-Stat rules in favor of the popular d20 System, with later releases of licensed products using it as well.

Eventually they became popular enough to secure the rights to make official RPG's that BESM was originally based on including the Sailor Moon RPG, the Dominion Tank Police RPG, the Demon City Shinjuku RPG, the Tenchi Muyo RPG, and the El-Hazard RPG. These were standalone books which required no additional purchases and came with everything needed to play (other than dice). They were always full-color and half of the book was a summary of the series and characters.

Later, they returned to making expansions to Big Eyes, Small Mouth using licensed products including multiple Hellsing books, the Trigun RPG, multiple Slayers RPG books, and the Revolutionary Girl Utena RPG. These books were cheaper to purchase since they relied on having copies of BESM, and were called "Ultimate Fan Guides" rather than true RPG's.

Other notable releases from GoO are Amber Diceless RPG based on the Chronicles of Amber book series, a game called Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai based on a movie, and A Game of Thrones RPG. They also created a new entry in the Tekumél: Empire Of The Petal Throne series.

Another system called Silver Age Sentinels was released that was mostly just BESM with D10's rather than D6's and based on /co/ works instead of /a/ ones. They used it for the basis of a standalone game The Authority RPG.

They released a standalone game called Nobilis as well where players are abstract personifications of the universe, in a manner similar to Neil Gamon's Sandman series.

They also created a short series of stand-alone games inspired by things like Shadowrun and Deus Ex including the cyberpunk game Ex- Machina and the urban fantasy game Dreaming Cities. They also collaborated on the creation of Reality Storm, a game system based loosely on the crossover comic DC VS Marvel Comics.

In 2006 the company declared bankruptcy due to debt. The rights to BESM were acquired by ArtHaus Games, the rights to make RPG's of each IP returned to the IP owners, and George R. R. Martin received all remaining copies (including the limited edition copies) of the Game of Thrones products.