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There are some people who want to be the Mighty and the Great be it as the genius wizard or the master of combat, the Paragon Champion of Good or the Terrible (in both the old and new sense of the word) Scourge of the World.

There are some people who want to be the Everyman. The regular Joe of humble origins who faces and overcomes foes trials and tests with grit, pluck and determination.

There are some people who want to be the Underdog. The one whom nobody would bet on who's up against the world, but who's accomplishments are all the more sweet for having achieved them with a massive handicap.

But nobody wants to be the absolute dregs.

Enter the Gully Dwarves. They are like dwarves, except minus everything that makes dwarves cool.

According to the Dragonlance Campaign Setting, the gully dwarves all belong to the loose clan of Aghar. Their accepted history is that they are Tinker gnome-dwarf hybrids. They have strong survival instincts, pride, endurance, and a will to live. They are known to be vicious fighters when cornered. They are generally stupid and often hold menial jobs. The highest an average gully dwarf can count is 2, though some have become smart enough to count to 3. To put this into perspective, crows can count to three, some parrots can go up to 6. They are smaller than normal dwarves. They have no land of their own and live in ruined cities, sewers, and dirty parts of cities. They do not revere Reorx, and have a tribal ancestor worship system. They speak their own guttural language.